We have received desperate messages in the middle of the night from Joane.

She says the people living up the mountains  -- Bina, Fond Palmiste, Fond Tortue, do not have food and houses and unfortunately it is raining.

They are asking for emergency relief right away.

The situation is the same in Grand Anse, we have been speaking to those sister parishes all along.

In collaboration with our Haitian partners, a decision has been made to use half of what we raise for emergency relief and half for long-term replanting, and that the first installment, for food, was sent this morning.

Our assurance to you is 100% of your donation will go directly  their immediate requested need and to replant their crops.  No contribution is too small or large.

We thank you for your support in this dire time!
Joane Charles is our part-time Haiti coordinator. A licensed and very experience agronomist, Joane takes responsibility for grower trainings and technical assistance, and monitors coffee quality. She also assists new associations with the registration process and helps to coordinate between associations. Finally, she handles the logistics of organizing Just Haiti-sponsored visits to the growers we work with.

We thank you again for your prayers, your concerns, and your support. Cherish life and all that it offers. None of it is promised...it is all gift.
Kim, Lou, Pascal, Michele, Bernard, Dave, Kathy, Angela, Pierre & Steve

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