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 Broadway BIA
September 4, 2016

URGENT News from the Broadway BIA

Proposed Legislation Regarding Homeless Encampment Sweeps and  the Broadway BIA

There has been some debate surfacing this past week regarding legislation proposed by homeless advocates in response to the City of Seattle's recent sweeps of homeless encampments.

No one should have to live outside. However, this legislation is rushed and has many unintended consequences.  While the intention behind this legislation is to show compassion for people who are homeless in Seattle, unfortunately the impact would be dramatic and would do nothing to reduce homelessness in our city.  Instead, the current laws would be rewritten to allow encampment in our public parks and sidewalks on a permanent or long term basis. 
We call upon the City Council to take real action to reduce homelessness through steps such as more affordable housing, access to services and social worker outreach. This legislation does none of these things, but rather enables people to live in unhealthy, new encampments on a permanent basis that would dramatically limit the use of our public spaces and sidewalks.

Business districts and associations across the city have echoed similar concerns that the legislation is problematic and would have negative impacts on our parks and public areas.  The concerns surfacing on Broadway are no different.

The Broadway BIA Board would like to encourage you to consider the impacts that this proposed legislation will have to your business or property, and voice your concerns by phone or email to City Councilmembers.   Council returns from recess Tuesday, September 6th.  It is important that the voice of the Broadway BIA be well represented in the coming week.

Stay tuned for updates and new developments as this proposed legislation rolls out next week.  

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