In this edition:

  • Reconfirm your popcorn order
  • Door Hangers - how many would you want?
  • Extra Commissions - did we qualify?

Reconfirm Your Popcorn Order

We would ask that each Unit Popcorn Kernel review the order that they submitted to make sure that is the correct amount you wanted to order.

The reason we are asking is - we were suggesting that units order no more than 65% of last years total sale. However, the total of the orders that were submitted came to only 37% of last year's sales.

We hope that the Unit Kernels aren't thinking - "we will order only a small amount and then go to the council to get more". The council will have some extra product to give out, but not enough if most of the units come to get more.

Below are the list of units that placed orders and showing what 65% of their 2019 sales would be.

If you need to make an adjustment, please adjust in the popcorn system or call the Fargo office by 10 am on Fruday (August 21).

Door Hangers - how many would you want?

After getting your feedback at the Key Leader Briefings, the council is in the process of ordering door hangers for Scouts to use for the sale.

To help us know how many to order, please submit a request below.

We will have the door hangers available to pick up with the popcorn the units ordered (September 10 & 11).

Extra Commissions - did we qualify?

Key Leader Briefing Attendance

Attendance has been recorded and units that have qualified are listed on the popcorn web page. Units that didn't qualified have one more opportunity to meet the requirements - see the website for details.

Unit Calendars and Budgets

We are in the process of recording all of the calendars and budgets received. The popcorn web page will be updated by Friday afternoon with the units that have sent in both of the items. Units that are missing one or both of the items have until noon on Friday, August 28 to submit them to Darin Steindl.

Much more information is on the council's popcorn page!