Hi, Everyone.

An awesome weekend for S2 across the country to end Week 7 of the season. Top performances in the Cleveland Gold, the Shipley Silver and the Westchester Bronze all made us proud, along with a hard working weekend at the club which was packed to the rafters on a chilly weekend here in Philly. You can read Lyall's awesome report on the weekend here - don't miss it!

This coming weekend we have our second P2P of the season. We are proud to say that entries are now through the US Squash website! A big thanks to our buddies at US Squash, who are always enthusiastic to see more and more people competing and have gone out of their way to assist us in pulling in even more people for our signature event. You can enter here!

A reminder that training ALWAYS runs... and that includes while the P2P is in action this weekend. Yes, you should play, regardless of your level and experience, but if you are pressed for time, squads will run as always at their appointed times.

We are now exactly a month away from the Pennsylvania Regional Championships which are being conducted at S2! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, it has a proud tradition at the club and offers both strong matches, good points and the unique characteristic of having POINTS OPTIONAL. Fundamentally that last fact, that players don’t have to take points, means that there is no player for whom the event isn’t pretty much perfect. For those who are working on their ranking, the Regionals falls nicely between Gold and Silver points, for highly ranked players, they can play up, or simply not take the points… and it’s all at S2, which is a perfect location for such a large tournament! It’s going to be huge, it’s going to be a great weekend and whether you’re playing for match play or for points, it’s pretty much a guaranteed win/win situation. Entries close 11/6 and you can register HERE !

The season is buzzing along, let's keep it up! See you at training!

S2 Coaching Team