Dear Members,

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve we’ll appreciate if you can take a few minutes and fill the Survey that we are attaching below. This we’ll help us, through TIAO (Tourism Industry Association of Ontario), to transmit the problems that the industry is facing because of COVID-19 and advocate on your behalf. The information that you can provide us is the most precious one because it comes directly from those that are at the front line.
Here is also a suggestion (see below) that you can post on your shop regarding the COVID-19. We all want the best for our customers and employees so a few simple measures may help to deal with this difficult but transitory situation.

Thank for your collaboration.
All the best, stay safe, and wash your hands.

Eduardo R. Lafforgue and the Team at the Chamber of Commerce

To our beloved………Customers,
Our business recognizes the severity of COVID-19 and is working to prevent its spread.
In order to keep our neighbour safe, we are implementing the following
(temporary) changes:
  • Cash is no longer accepted & our debit/credit terminals will be disinfected before and after each use
  • Our doors will be left propped open (please dress warmly if you plan to sit in the shop!)
  • We are no longer accepting personal mugs to help keep our hands
  • A staff member will now add your milk & sugar (as well as stirring and popping on the lid.)
Please note that we have enhanced our already careful sanitizing and cleaning measures and are implementing them repeatedly.
We ask that all customers accept these special requests and we welcome further recommendations you may have to help keep you and our space safe. Additionally, we ask that everyone remain mindful of keeping a distance from one another, and should you feel any symptoms, please stay home and rest!
Dear Chamber members and partners,

The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario is requesting our help to provide front-line information to the Minister of Heritage, Sports, Tourism and Culture Industries. 
We we’ll appreciate if you can take five minutes of our time and fill in the survey below
Thank you for you collaboration

Eduardo R. Lafforgue

 TIAO COVID-19 Industry Survey Released 

We need your help to build a picture of what's happening on the front-line in the tourism industry.
In an effort to monitor the progression of CVOID-19 on Ontario's tourism industry, TIAO and Regional Tourism Organizations are working together to help provide up-to-date information to the Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries, Lisa MacLeod.
We seek your assistance in providing the high level reporting on an ongoing basis so that we can advocate on your behalf with all levels of government.

Thank you!
To help you prepare for and manage through a potential COVID-19 escalation in Canada, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has prepared  guide   to assist in business planning and continuity efforts.  Their COVID-19 web page  also has a number of other timely resources.