No to HB 1838 - baiting black bears

March 2, 2015

Call to Action - NO BEAR BAITING
Ask your Representative to vote NO on HB1838

Bear baiting has been banned in Washington State since 1996. Wolf Haven asks - nineteen years later, why is there now a proposal to return this barbaric practice to our state?

Black bear photo taken
 by Alan Bauer/WDFW
Talking Points 
  • In 1996, 63% of Washington voters said no to bear baiting.
  • It is dangerous to allow bears to associate food with people in any setting. Bait stations can actually attract bears that otherwise would not show up and become nuisances.
  • Washington State passed anti-wildlife feeding legislation last year to prevent human/wildlife conflicts. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife already has the tools needed to manage bears in our state.

  • There are already provisions in place to protect private property from problem bears.

Your Move 
Contact your House Representatives and ask them respectfully to VOTE AGAINST House Bill 1838. Vote NO to the baiting of black bears.  Find your Representatives here.

Thank you for caring about bears,
 wolves and all wildlife.

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