NICSTO Donations
You may have heard about our need for additional NICSTO contributions for the upcoming calendar year. We have 75 families that depend on this aid to lower their cost of tuition due to their income level. Each year we help these families budget out their tuition payments based on the contributions that we get from donors. If we do not receive these contributions, we will be forced to add hundreds of dollars on to the tuition statements for each of these families. 

We are asking you, our families, to share this information with anyone who files taxes in the state of Iowa and consider donating to NICSTO to help these families in need. 

This information was posted on Facebook this morning as well if you would like to share our post to your timeline to get the word out. 

If you plan on donating, we need to know by December 1st for us to be able to distribute funds to our families for this coming spring semester. Donations are due by December 31.
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