Urgent! New Deadline for USFS employees. Travel requests for Fire Congress need to be submitted to Meetings Management by June 19.

The 7th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress in Orlando, Florida is five months away, but  now is the time to sign up with your Event Coordinator for Meetings Management System (MMS) travel approval. The deadline is June 19th for this list of potential attendees to be received by your Regional Office MMS Event Coordinator. If you think you might attend the Fire Congress, get approval from your supervisor to attend, then notify your Event Coordinator as soon as possible.

Be advised that Rx310 is offered in conjunction with this conference, so students and cadre must register for the conference and thus are subject to this MMS requirement if you want to take the Rx 310 course. Please forward this message to potential Rx310 students and anyone else considering attending this conference in any capacity.

The Fire Congress in Orlando will be the largest gathering of fire experts in the world this year, and we have added several new features to our program to facilitate even better exchanges between researchers and managers. You will not want to miss it!  Even if you are uncertain at this time about your ability to attend the event this November, now is the time to add your name to the list of potential candidates for travel approval.

Here's some info to speed up the process: 
Event Website http://afefirecongress.org/
Event Location (1)
Orlando, FL
Event Days Attending
Conference is 4 days or 5 with optional field trip on Saturday.
You have the option to attend 1 or 2 days at a reduced rate.
Event Role
Please include all roles including cadre if appropriate.
Total Event Registration Fee
Early bird registration through July 31:
$465 for AFE members, $525 for non-AFE members.   Fees increase after this date.
Optional field trip: $60 (or more for one overnight trip).
Rx310 tuition: $60 in addition to conference registration;   fee includes mandatory field trip  
Please share this notice with other FS employees that may be interested in attending this conference.