Good evening Parents,

Please find attached a letter from the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (ESU) of the Ministry of Health advising us of a potential exposure at the school to someone confirmed with COVID-19. 

Further to this, we understand that the confirmed case is associated with the Lower Primary Division’s Parrotfish and Snappers classrooms. We can also share that the Department of Health has confirmed that the individual has been isolating and the volume of recent interactions within the school has been limited.
As advised in their letter, the Health Department’s Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit is completing its risk assessment process and they are the only party from whom directions to quarantine or otherwise will be made to those who are deemed to be close contacts of the individual.

While the DOH has not advised that we are required to close the school, we are, however, required to perform deep cleaning of all common areas in the school, as per Department of Health protocols, before these spaces can be accessed by students or staff.
Given the time required for this to happen and the proximity to the end of term, we have decided to move immediately to remote learning for the remainder of the week.

In the spirit of transparency, we have shared all the information that the Department of Health has officially released to us and believe that only information which has been validated through the Department of Health should be shared. We understand how persons will want more information and how rumours may be likely to start, but we think that these would be counterproductive and caution parents to only react to information received through official channels.

To the extent that the Ministry confirms further details to us, then we will ensure that we are relaying that information to any impacted teachers, parents and teachers as appropriate and as soon as possible.

As we know that it can be difficult to plan for your child’s care on such short notice, the school will provide essential care for those families that absolutely need in-school supervision. Places and spaces are very limited, so we ask that you please contact the respective Division Heads, Mrs. Janice Outerbridge,, or Mr. Charlie Judd, if you require this emergency support. 

Please be assured that we remain committed to ensuring the continuity of quality instruction and the provision of a safe and healthy learning environment remains our foremost priority. 

As always, I thank you for your understanding and support through this difficult time. 



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