Aug 16, 2022

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Dedicated to increasing diversity in urology

2021 Urology Unbound Interns Spotlight

We are proud to highlight our outgoing Urology Unbound Interns.  

Nyemkuna "Kuna" Fortingo

(Medical College of Georgia)

"...through Urology Unbound I found the guidance from fantastic mentors, research, teaching webinars, and the many other programming UU offers. I am grateful to know there is something for me [in Urology]."

Julian Pacheco

(University of Illinois College of Medicine-Chicago)

"Urology Unbound gave me the opportunity to work with passionate medical students, residents, and physicians that are creating the change that takes us forward to a more equitable Urology workforce."

Dr. Manuel De Jesùs Escaño

(Preliminary General Surgery, SUNY Downstate)

"Urology Unbound helped me connect with amazing Black and Latinx urologist, motivating me even more to join the field of Urology."

We're proud to support you this interview season!

Urology Unbound Events


Urology Unbound Workshop Series:

Writing Strong Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are one of the strongest ways to demonstrate support of urology applicants. This webinar focuses on best practices for letter writing and will help writers avoid phrasing that may inadvertently trigger bias in readers. We’ll also share tips on how to portray your mentee in the most positive light. Join us on Saturday, August 29th at 9PM ET.

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Urology Unbound Interest Group

Applicant Membership

Now Accepting Applications!

We're currently enrolling urology applicants into this new membership category, available to any registered member applying for urology residency this year.

The Applicant Membership includes:

General Membership

Applicant Spotlight

Application Polishing Program

Mock Interview Programs

Login to the Urology Unbound website to Sign-Up for Applicant Membership today.

For more information, email us at

UUIG Webinar

Interview Season- Faculty Advice Panel

08/23/2022 at 9pm EST

Urology residency interview season is upon us. Join our Faculty Advice Panel for guidance on how to have a successful interview season.

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