Ursa Straps

We are pleased to announce that Big Bear have been appointed as the exclusive Irish dealer for Ursa Straps. 

Ursa Straps began life in a small garage in West London in 2014 by sound mixer Simon Bysshe and his partner Laura who works in the Costume Department. Due to huge demand production has been scaled up significantly and the range now consists of:


Waist straps

Ankle straps

Thigh straps

Chest straps

Pouch Protectors

Soft Circles

Ursa Tape


The Ursa Range






Strap Size Guide
Size Range
Strap Width
20-40cm (8-16")
(Big Pouch only)


37-67cm (14-26")
(Big Pouch only)

Small Waist
61-84cm (24-32")
Waist straps have 2 widths:
Medium Waist
74-107cm (29-42")
100mm Big Pouch or
Large Waist
95-128cm (37-50")
87mm Small Pouch

Pouch Size Guide
Use this guide to find out whether you need a Small Pouch or a Big Pouch

Pouch Size
Recommended Transmitters

Small Pouch
Lectrosonics SMDB, SMB, LT & SSM
Wisycom MPT40 / 41
Zaxcom TRX LA2 & LT2, ZFR200 & 300
Sennheiser SK5212, SK9000
Shure UR1M, Micron TX700B

Big Pouch
Audio Ltd 2040, Mini TX, 1010, EN2
Lectrosonics LMb, WM, UM400a, SMDB, SMB, LT
Wisycom MPT40 / 41
Zaxcom TRX & ZFR full range
Sennheiser EW G2 & G3, SK2000, SK5212, SK9000
Shure AXT 100, UR1M
Micron Explorers
Audio Wireless

Ursa Soft Circles

URSA  Soft Circles  are reusable, super-soft, skin-tone matching radio mic covers. Available in Brown, Beige, Black & White.  Soft Circles are designed to  handle light wind  and  reduce clothing rustle .
Soft Circles can be stretched around microphone mounts to help  camouflage your microphone .
Multi-Packs come with 15 Soft Circles (5x White, 5x Beige, 5x Black) and 16x Rycote 23mm Stickies and are priced at  €12 per pack.
Ursa Tape: Soft Strips

Soft Strips of stretchy moleskin  applied to hypoallergenic sticky tape. Great for reducing clothing rustle and camouflaging microphones.
Available in packs of 30 Small Strips (8x2.5cm) or packs of 8 Large Strips (16x7cm) in Black, White, Beige & Brown. €12 per pack (Small or Large strips).

To place an order, call 01-4100212 or send an  email