November 29, 2023

Surprise Family, Friends,

and Business Associates 

With an Urth Caffé Gift Box

Our exquisite gift boxes are elegant, delicious and unique. Choose from an assortment of popular heirloom & organic coffee boxes, fine tea or matcha gifts, cookie and bakery assortment boxes, or deluxe gift boxes that include the best of everything Urth Caffé! 

We can also do custom gift boxes – just give us a call and we will design the gift boxes to your taste and budget.

Shopping for Urth Gift Boxes is so easy! 

1) Order from the Urth Store to shop and have Gift Boxes SHIPPED to a mailing address here.

2) Pre-order via a specific café's online menu to PICK UP at the café. (48-hour prep time is needed) Click on “Order Urth Gift Boxes” at the top of to see our wide selection and order options. 

Promotional poster of Urth Caffé Gift boxes. Poster is showing three gift boxes, on a winter scene snow background.

Order online,

or call 213.797.4527. press 1 for sales

The Heirloom Organic Coffee Box offering Manhattan Mudd™ (8oz), Rainforest (8oz), Italian Biscotti, Chocolate Espresso Beans, 3 Sugar Sticks.

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Urth’s Panettone Has 

Returned for the Holidays!

Photograph of Urth Caffé Panettone, with a slice cut off. Background is a Holiday Chrtismas scene with lights and red ribbon. Urth logo also showing.

Available Very Soon!

Urth’s Panettone – a fluffy, Italian brioche bread with raisins, candied lemon, and orange peel we first introduced in 2018 – has returned to our cafés just in time for the holidays!

Our Panettone is a traditional Italian Christmas brioche based on the family recipe of Urth Caffé Head Chef Davide Giova.

Davide also attended a masterclass from maestro Rolando Morandin to learn how to produce Panettone and the Pandoro (a traditional Italian sweet bread originating in Verona).

With a nice crunchy crust and lightly sweet with lemon and orange peels and raisins, it can be enjoyed any time of day.

"I like to eat Panettone every day in the morning with a caffé macchiato or cappuccino," Davide said. The traditional way to eat panettone in Italy is as a dessert for the Christmas celebrations with a glass of spumante or prosecco.

Since panettone is like a brioche, some people use it for a flavorful French toast, too.

Urth Caffé Panettone will be available very soon.

Urth Caffé Head Chef Davide Giova.

Give Your Favorite Urth Caffé

Heirloom, Organic Coffees

Photos of Urth Italia Espresso™ blend offering a Roast Scale of 5 out of 10 in darkness and Urth Dolce Espresso™ blend has a Roast Scale of 2 out of 10 darkness.

Know someone who loves Urth’s heirloom (non-GMO), organic coffees? Coffee that is lower in acid and healthier for all!!

We offer Limited Reserve, Organic Varietals, Signature Blends of Dark Roasts, Light Roasts and Medium Roasts, as well as decaffeinated blends. Urth Caffé uses the Swiss Water Process or Natural Mountain Water Process for 100% chemical-free decaffeination.

For example, there’s Urth Italia Espresso™ blend offering a Roast Scale of 5 out of 10 in darkness producing a rich, chestnut brown espresso that is sweet, creamy and complex with lingering flavors of hazelnut and spice. And our Urth Dolce Espresso™ blend has a Roast Scale of 2 out of 10 darkness, and is lighter, vibrant blend with notes of summer ripe peach and a hint of butterscotch. 

You can pick up bags of coffee at your local Urth or add to your delivery order on the Urth App or “Order Online & Delivery” at the top of

Order Coffee Here

Urth Gift Cards Lets Them

Choose What They Want

The next time you visit an Urth Caffé, pick up Urth Gift Cards – they’re available for any denomination. 

They are also available online from the Urth Store for $15, $25, $50, $100 and we’ll mail them via United States Postal Service to your gift recipients.

Urth Caffé Gift Card promotional flyer, showing the gift card & a snow scene with holiday ornaments.
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Urth Caffé Hours

Urth Caffés Downtown LA, Beverly Hills,

Melrose and Pasadena:

7 am to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday, 

7 am to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


Urth Caffés Santa Monica, South Bay and Orange: 

7 am to 10 pm Sunday through Friday, 

7 am to 11 pm on Saturdays.


Urth Caffé Laguna Beach:

7 am to 8 pm Sunday through Thursday

7 am to 10 pm Friday. 7 am to 11 pm Saturday


Urth Caffé at the Wynn Plaza in Las Vegas:

6:30 am to 9 pm Sunday through Thursday,

6:30 am to 10 pm Friday and Saturday.

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Urth Caffé City of Orange

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