September 27, 2023

It’s Autumn And

Urth Pumpkin Pie Latté

Drinks Are Back!

Autumn arrived last week…time to start enjoying Urth’s yummy Pumpkin Pie drinks!

Pure pumpkin puree is the star ingredient in our Pumpkin Pie Latté and Pumpkin Pie Boba – folded into steamed milk, high-quality heirloom, organic espresso and topped with fresh whipped cream, crumbled pie crust and cinnamon. The blended-ice Pumpkin Pie Boba is like drinking a delicious pumpkin smoothie!

Urth uses only 100% pure pumpkin puree in our lattés. We never use pumpkin flavored syrup or powders with emulsifiers and artificial flavors.


“We’ve found that pure ingredients taste so much fresher and better,” said Shallom Berkman, who co-founded Urth Caffé with wife Jilla Berkman.

Photo of Urth Pumpkin Pie latté promotional poster, with Boba and hot drinks.

Urth Must Have Soups ~

Cozy and Warm!

Urth's homemade Soups Du Jour are the coziest, comfiest ways to warm up a day.

Foxynoname commented "My favorite is the tomato rice soup. It's my cure-all for anytime . . . so delicious with their fresh bread!"

Choose daily between Chicken or Tomato Rice soups or Vegetarian Chili. Other soups are available on different days. Served with fresh baked bread and butter upon request.

Or order online to-go here!

Urth Caffé Searches the World

For the Best Heirloom, Organic Coffee 

The many common periodic weather and pest problems that afflict coffee growing regions from year to year keep Urth seeking coffees that were fortunate enough to grow in perfect conditions – making our coffee choices to purchase and roast very seasonal.

Those seasonal choices must also be heirloom (not genetically modified) and organic (100% chemical free and certified by independent third-party inspectors).

Sustainable and biodynamic practices utilized by Urth Caffé’s farming partners use natural methods to ensure superior coffee quality and preserve soil longevity. 

Composting is a key element to sustainable agriculture. The fruit, skins and all organic debris are recycled after processing to make rich, natural fertilizer for future crops. Cross-cropping and intercropping of other kinds of fruits, vegetables and nitrogen replenishing plants within the coffee plantation plays a major role in protecting soil vitality and providing economic diversity for the growers.

Many innovative techniques are used for effective, natural pest control – such as making coffee alcohol from coffee cherry fruit and hanging the concoction in glass bottles on each tree. The strong fragrance attracts insects into the bottles from which they never escape.

Take a Break at Urth Caffé

When you need a break from a workday, from studying or “just because,” head over to your favorite Urth Caffé! 

Urth Caffé’s organic, heirloom coffee is uniquely rich, aromatic, and unbelievably smooth with less oils and acids than any other coffee in the world! 


Be sure to tell your Urth cashier how you would like your latté – choose the strength from our Urth Dolce™ Espresso blend (light roast) or Urth Italia™ Espresso blend (dark roast), from a wide range of milk options, natural syrups, and vegan options.  


Order Urth’s exclusive Spanish Latté – a sweet, creamy caffé latté inspired by coffee in Barcelona. Suzanneishere wrote “Heaven in a cup! The Spanish Latté warms your soul with the perfect balance of warmth, sweetness, and decadence. Sipping on this drink truly made my morning and I can't wait to have another one soon!” 

Our 100% Natural Smoked Salmon

Flavors Perfect Dinner for Two

Here’s an idea for dinner for two – start with our Smoked Salmon Plate as an appetizer, then share Urth’s D’Lox Pizza.

The Smoked Salmon Plate offers our fresh 100% natural smoked salmon served with a bagel, capers, chives, cream cheese, Roma tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, red onions and fresh cracked black pepper.

Urth Caffe Smoked Salmon Plate with toasted bagel photo.

Our delicious pizza crust is topped with smoked salmon, herbed mascarpone, red onions, arugula, fennel and capers for the flavorful D’Lox Pizza. Corrigan1066 commented “Love Smoked Salmon and Pizza – this is the best of both worlds and perfect to share with a friend (Or eat yourself if you are super hungry).”

Urth Caffe D’Lox Pizza photo.

Urth Caffé Hours

Urth Caffés Downtown LA, Beverly Hills,

Melrose and Pasadena:

7 am to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday, 

7 am to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


Urth Caffés Santa Monica, South Bay and Orange: 

7 am to 10 pm Sunday through Friday, 

7 am to 11 pm on Saturdays.


Urth Caffé Laguna Beach:

7 am to 9 pm Sunday through Thursday

7 am to 10 pm Friday. 7 am to 11 pm Saturday


Urth Caffé at the Wynn Plaza in Las Vegas: 

6:30 am to 9 pm Sunday through Thursday,

6:30 am to 10 pm Friday and Saturday. 

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