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Increase Your Profit Margin in 2012

November 22, 2011 


Greetings to you and your family during the week of Thanksgiving.


While preparing to celebrate this holiday season, take a moment to consider an opportunity that will help increase your profit margin.


In 2012, grassroots nonprofit organizations and small businesses that respond to this email will be offered a 10% discount on services designed to secure economic growth and management efficiency in operations. Funding sources Strategic Solutions Network, Inc. (SSN) can help you qualify for include the following small capacity building and program grants. 

  • Grants for Women Business Owners - Proposal due November 30, 2011
  • Capacity Building for Nonprofits - Proposal due January 5, 2012
  • Community-Based Sustainable Development - Proposal due January 5, 2012
  • Workforce Development - Proposal due January 5, 2012
  • Black Male Achievement - Proposal due on a rolling basis

 Before considering your organization's ability to qualify for these funds, you first must complete the attached wellness survey that is appropriate for your business structure (nonprofit or for profit).


Next, to be considered as an SSN client at our year end discount rate, you must demonstrate a well-defined and strong commitment to your organization's mission. This commitment will be determined through a free consultation interview with one of our Independent Management Consultants.


 If you or someone you know would like to partner with SSN or if you are in need of organization development strategists, grant writers, or staff training specialists, complete the attached surveys.  


To access the surveys and learn more about SSN qualifications, click the following links:

  1. Nonprofit Organization Survey Link.
  2. For-Profit Organization Survey Link.
  3. SSN Qualifications Link.

Once you complete the appropriate survey, contact Nita Marchant to schedule an interview at 773-793-9128 or email nmarchant@ssncandoit.com.


However, the offer is limited to grassroots small businesses or nonprofit organizations that respond to this email by "Black Friday," November 25, 2011.


We appreciate that opportunity to strengthen your capacity to deliver needed services in the community, and we hope that your holiday season is filled with love and plenty of good memories.


Stay encouraged,

SSN Independent Management Consultants

Nita E. Marchant, MS, BA, CADC
Management Consultant
Professional Profile:  http://branchout.com/Nita.Marchant 


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