The American Recovery Plan Act ("ARPA") became law in March 2021 and provides $64 billion of direct/flexible aid to cities/towns across the USA to assist with COVID-19 recovery. In many California cities, the funding allocation is substantial (see examples below).
Click here to find your city’s funding allocation. Cities should receive their funding as late as mid-June, and funding will be released in two tranches: half released in the first tranche beginning May 10, 2021, and the second tranche one year after the first tranche; funds will remain available through the end of 2024. Some cities will need to apply for funds through the Treasury Department’s Portal.
What Can You Spend It On? 
  • Provision of government services via replacement of revenues reduced due to COVID-19 public health emergency (relative to FY 2018-2019) 
  • Assistance to households, small businesses, nonprofits, and impacted industries (such as tourism, travel, hospitality), and providing premium pay to essential workers 
  • Eligible Infrastructure investments in water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure 
$$ Spend Money to Make Money $$
Focus on programs that use federal dollars to improve local long-term revenue base. For example, COVID-19 accelerated many of the economic and land use trends that are changing our cities – retail spaces (and sales tax revenues) are dragging due to e-commerce, industrial distribution is booming, and residential development is in high demand. Here are some ways to capitalize on it: 
  • Retail Reimagination: Don’t give up on ‘experiential’ retail that creates a place for retail, entertainment, and engagement. Fund infrastructure for these projects. 
  • Residential Renaissance: Not just a home anymore – an office (telework) and online tax generator (e-commerce). Invest in zoning changes to unlock community potential. 
  • Not Your Father’s Industrial: The new world of industrial are cleaner distribution / delivery centers that can shore up local retail activity. Integrate industrial with retail centers and other uses. 
Add Your Local “Currency” to Federal $$ for the Best Results
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