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This is the "slow" time of year for new quilts being checked in. Therefore, it is the best time to learn and experiment to take advantage of Innova's AutoPilot Mach 3 capabilities.

So, we're bringing you two ways to take advantage of the investment you have made into the world's most powerful automated quilting system. You will use the information in these self-study courses . These courses are:

  • The bundle price of "Be Creative..." and "Advanced Training AutoPilot Mach 3 for the Innova" self-study courses is $999 a saving of $250 until Monday, August 31, 2020!
You have invested more than $30,000 on your Innova AutoPilot Mach 3 system. Most owners only use about 10% of its capabilities. You are paying for something that you are not using!

If you invest $299, or just 1% of your committed cost in this self-study, you can use more creative capabilities.

If you invest $999, or 3% in these self-study courses, you can use ALL of the Functions and creative capabilities of your AutoPilot Mach 3. This means that you will be able to choose from all of the Functions available to fit your needs at any time.

That's pretty good: a 3% investment to get the ability to use 90% more functionality. Why not make use of what you have already paid for!

Think about it! Let it sink in.

Our self-study classes are different:

  • You operate the Mach 3 at all times - no sharing time with others.

  • You have a manual that walks you through the logical and complete exercises. You can do it as many or as few times as you desire - go at your speed and needs.

  • You have a video of the steps by the authors of the materials. You can see the steps in the logical sequences. You back it up, speed forward, whatever you need, you can do. You can do this a week after the class, or for years to come.

  • Conferencing with the longarm instructors who created the materials is included so that you can have your questions answered.

  • The "Advanced Training" self-study is totally oriented to the quilt under the sewhead. You create that "quilt" in the first exercise.

  • If you can do Edge to Edge [E2E] quilting then you are ready for this class in order to learn all of the functionality of the Mach 3.

  • The "Be Creative" self study is screen oriented as you will be learning how to modify designs, create designs, and combine designs. If you are doing E2E quilting, even if you do not want to use the functionality of custom quilting, then you can make profitable use of this self-study material.

  • How often have you had a pattern that just didn't fit and Morph made the pattern unusable? Have you ever had two or more patterns that you wish were combined. Wanted an E2E of just a portion of an existing design? Couldn't find the exact design you need and wanted to create one? If either of these is YES then "Be Creative" is for you!

We've talked to the many people who have already taken our self-study courses. Many reasons have been given for previously not making use of the plethora of functionality of the Mach 3. Some are:

  • The Mach 3 is imposing. There is a ton of functionality and buttons, but there are no manuals. You need to have an idea of how the functions work together in order to start making use of the help text.

  • There are tons of videos and information on the web. But, the information is often conflicting, and it addresses just a portion of what I want to do...It doesn't tie together.

  • The web format is not conducive to personalizing it by taking notes and what I need is spread over several videos.

  • The class I took was basically a "Show & Tell" by the instructor with occasional times when we could use it hands-on.

  • The course was screen oriented and didn't have anything to do with having a quilt. I was lost when I tried to use it on a quilt in the shop.

  • I learn by reading or doing. Watching is of little help to me.

  • When I got back to the shop and tried to use the information that was covered, I had to call the instructor in order to remind me of the detail steps. I ended up leaving everything I thought I had learned in the classroom in the classroom.

  • I was on mental overload during the class and ended up leaving everything I saw in the classroom in the classroom.

This is not the case with our self-study classes! You have it with you. You can use it when you want, and where you want. You can choose to read it, watch it, and do it - your choice.

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We trust this has been informative.
Enjoy your blessings!
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