September 2013

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To help you utilize technology in your supply chain, our website has a special customer portal where you'll find important documents anytime, anywhere

All customers of ReedTMS Logistics have the ability to save time by finding the documents you need directly on our website at your convenience.

Need a copy of your invoice, bill of lading, or scale ticket? Why waste time with phones and boring on-hold messages?

Registered customers can access their documents online instantly 24/7.

Log in and go to the trace tab to search for the documents you need.

Visit the portal here and register. Our team will send you an access code and you can start saving time today.

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Why your supply chain will benefit from a Transportation Management System (TMS)

In the age of technology, the days of making a hundred phone calls a day are gone. No one has the time or patience to spend their day on the phone. Most companies are switching to a cutting edge TMS to save both time and money.

Basic features of a TMS:
  • Manage shipments/loads
  • Manage service providers and rates
  • Customized reporting and real time auditing
  • Visibility of Key Performance Indicators 
  • Optimization of routes
  • Ensure billing accuracy
  • Monitor carrier performance
  • Consolidate shipments and create the most effective moves  
Even by the standards of the supply chain software world, the TMS has proved to have exceptional legs. After nearly two decades on the market, these solutions continue to sell briskly. Despite the economy, in 2010 alone the global TMS market peaked at $625 million.

These solutions are renown for their ability to streamline time-consuming tasks like carrier selection, routing, and rating as well as their capacity to save users money-no small consideration in an era of skyrocketing fuel prices and tight capacity.

If you're in the market for a TMS, or just doing some research on the concept, do you know what to look for? Click here to see advice from industry experts.

Click here for the Top 10 Most Reviewed Transportation Management Systems
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We strive to provide the highest quality service at all times. We are committed to a professionally handled transportation experience accomplished by understanding and delivering on expectations.

Kristina Pein

Marketing Manager