Business Fundamentals Summer Program
in Entrepreneurship
We see that you're an Entrepreneurship minor and wanted to share this opportunity with you! It's a great way to make significant progress towards earning your Entrepreneurship minor. If you've already completed some of the minor requirements, you can still enroll in the other courses offered through this program!
Entrepreneurial companies are at the core of economies throughout the world. In the United States, entrepreneurial firms employ nearly 60% of our workforce, account for 66% of all job growth, and produce half of our country’s gross domestic product. 

The UConn Business Fundamentals Summer Program in Entrepreneurship is an intensive seven-week program where you will receive training in career development and take coursework in Entrepreneurship taught by instructors from one of the top undergraduate business program in New England. You'll receive academic credit from an AACSB-accredited business school AND you'll be provided with skills that you need for success in the workplace!
Program Highlights
  • A cohort of like-minded students with whom you will take classes and develop friendships

  • A seven-week career seminar designed to help you build a resume, meet entrepreneurs, and transform the way you think about entrepreneurship.

  • 10 Academic credits on your UConn transcript and a program you can list on your resume

  • On-campus housing available by week or choose to commute

  • Students who are eligible for the minor/concentration and complete the program are guaranteed enrollment in the remaining required course(s) in the fall 2019 semester or spring 2020 semester following the summer program.
Quick Facts

Undergraduate Students; open to business and non-business majors

May 13th - June 27th

Storrs Campus

Develop your entrepreneurship knowledge & begin earning your minor or concentration
Student Experience
“It is an amazing experience that anyone interested in entering the business school or simply widening your perspective of the world of business should consider” - Thomas K.

"Thank you very much for teaching me all the useful tools I will need to use in order to make myself a stronger applicant when applying for any career down the road." - Philip D.

"It’s incredible how much the professor’s care and how much they put into our classes. Networking with the professors and then being able to implement what they teach you right away was really cool." - Pearl M.

"I recently applied to the School of Business for the Spring of 2016. After completing your program, I am confident that a major within the School of Business is right for me." - Sarah K.