Use and Measurement of Mass Flux and Mass Discharge
Web document now available!

The popular 2010 ITRC document, Use and Measurement of Mass Flux and Mass Discharge, is now available as an interactive Web document! Originally a downloadable PDF, the new Mass Flux website allows for a more interactive experience, allowing users the ability to navigate the document as a website, moving freely between sections.

About the Document

Most decisions regarding contaminated groundwater sites are driven by contaminant concentrations. These decisions can be improved by also considering contaminant mass discharge and mass flux. Mass discharge and flux estimates quantify source or plume strength at a given time and location. Consideration of the strength of a source or solute plume (i.e., the contaminant mass moving in the groundwater per unit of time) improves evaluation of natural attenuation and assessment of risks posed by contamination to downgradient receptors, such as supply wells or surface water bodies.

This document is intended to foster understanding of mass discharge and mass flux estimates through description of their development and use, covering Concept and Theory, Applications, Methods for Measuring Mass Flux and Mass Discharge, and a multitude of practical case studies directly related to Mass Flux and Mass Discharge.
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