April 22, 2020 - Vol 2, Issue 4
Six steps to use the current situation to change your life.
  1. Silence. Take a few minutes during the day to free your mind.
  2. Read. Learn from expert. Study online.
  3. Affirmations. To feel good, read affirmations everyday. "I'm ready" "I can do this" " I'm strong" "I will succeed" "I make the right choices" "I have faith in my abilities" "I will turn negative thoughts into positive ones" "I release my fears" "I deserve happiness" "I will get through this."
  4. Visualization. See yourself being successful.
  5. Journaling. Write who you are, what you are doing, what you are excited for the day.
  6. Exercise. Your health is important.

I hope this provides you clarity, purpose, and passion during this hard times.

NOTE: Verify the status of the events you registered to.
6 pasos para usar la situación de hoy para cambiar tu vida.
  1. Silencio. Unos minutos de silencio al día pueden liberar tu mente.
  2. Leer. Aprender de los expertos. Estudiar en línea.
  3. Afirmaciones. Para sentirte mejor, lee afirmaciones cada día. "Estoy listo" "Puedo lograrlo" "Soy fuerte" "Seré exitoso" "Tomo las decisiones correctas" "Tengo fe en mis habilidades" "Mis pensamientos deben ser positivos" "Arrojo mis miedos" "Merezco ser feliz" "Puedo con esto."
  4. Visualización. Me veo siendo exitoso(a).
  5. Escritura. Conserva un diario para escribir quien eres, como estas, que haces, y que te emociona del día.
  6. Ejercicio. Tu salud es importante.

Espero esto provee claridad, proposito, y pasión durante estos tiempos difíciles.

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Take care everyone,
Ana Patiño
Empowering Latino Futures
formerly Latino Literacy Now
At the moment, we are uncertain of the future of events coming up in 2020. We are monitoring the situation and more updates will be shared in our newsletter.
Por el momento, la situación con los eventos del resto del año es incierta. Estamos monitoreando lo que sucede y compartiremos actualizaciones.
Call for Proposals now open!
The La Cosecha Planning Committee is continuously monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and will be making adjustments as the situation dictates. At present, La Cosecha Dual Language Conference is scheduled to proceed as planned, November 4 - 7 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This year's call for proposals deadline is rapidly approaching and we are looking for proposal submissions that reflect best practices in the field that are informed by instructional routines, theory, and/or research. Particularly interested in classroom teachers (new and veteran) who are willing to share best instructional practices and join in our celebration.
Deadline for submission – Thursday, April 30, 2020

Early Registration Deadline • July 15, 2020
La Cosecha Conference, organized for teachers, by teachers,  provides a unique opportunity to share best practices and resources, provides current theory and practice, builds networks, and fuels our community's efforts to build a better future for our children .

For more information visit:  www.lacosechaconference.org  or contact Leslie Sánchez at  leslie@dlenm.org .
Featured Podcasts & Books
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Muy pronto autores presentarán lecturas de sus libros para niños.
Entrevistas y conversaciones Inspiradoras con autores y líderes.
Katie Suarez Social Justice Series based on the novel Irreversible Damage by JL Ruiz.
Coming soon!
México economy, goods & services crossing the Méxican/US border, trade agreements, and the business life.
Coming soon!
Latino marketing and media trends by Kirk Whisler.
(Libros digitales para niños)
Listen to some music by Baruc Castillo #PositiveVibez
There are a couple of opportunities coming up to help you get additional income, help you grow, and become proficient using digital services online.
Oportunidades para autores

Varias oportunidades estan surgiendo para ayudarle a general más ingresos, ayudarle a crecer y a ser proficiente en los servicios digitales en línea.
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Find free and low-cost internet and computers in your area I nternet y computadoras gratis y a bajo costo en tu area!
Distance Learning: Ideas From the Field. For staff, tutors, and teachers transitioning to teaching adults from a distance. Friday, April 24, 2–3 p.m. EDT
The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted families across the world and has resulted in more families staying at home due to California’s shelter-in-place order. However, more time at home doesn’t mean you have to see high energy bills. SDG&E has a webpage filled with tips, tools and programs that can help you reduce your energy use while at home. For energy-saving tips, visit sdge.com/whenmatters-save 
2020 U.S. Census!!
Important for everyone | Es importante para todos
National Latin@ Network archive
  • Public policy, advocacy, & Immigration
  • Community initiatives, Program development
  • Health related & Research
  • Culturally specific approaches & practices. Start learning >
The National Alliance for Hispanic Health’s Nuestras Voces(Our Voices) Network
Initiative from the CDC Networking2Save for public health-oriented strategies to impact the prevalence of commercial tobacco use & tobacco related cancers. Free Webinars & trainings >
To provide ideas & inspiration for educators. Join authors and experts as they showcase new Pearson educational programs, resources, and practices. Weekly webinars related to math, literacy, humanities, science, Pre-K, author, CTE, etc. Free webinars >
Welcome to our Latino Parent’s Corner . Sharing local activities, new bilingual children’s books and free family friendly entertainment.

In these times when many of us are at home with our young ones it is a good moment to get creative. 

Write a letter to a pen pal!
If you don’t have one, you can write me, Grandma G , I promise I will write back.
Grandma G Baker
5220 Fiore Terrace, #105
San Diego,CA 92122
  • Print out a favorite photo of your child and glue it onto a piece of cardboard.
  • Let it dry thoroughly. When it is dry take a scissors and cut it into puzzle shapes.
  • The younger the child, the bigger the pieces. Keep an extra copy of the picture in with the puzzle pieces so that you have a reference.

  • Use an empty soda can, plastic yogurt container or water bottle to make a shaker. 
  • Color a piece of paper or use wrapping paper, decorate the outside of the container. 
  • Add 1 tablespoon of uncooked rice or beans to the container. Cap it or seal it with any type of tape. Put on music and shake and dance.
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