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Cookie dough depositor, manufactured by Magna Mixer Company, all stainless steel contacts. Unit capable of up to 1,750 cookies per minute. Adjustable for up to 16" to 119" pans. Features continuous feed rolls. Driven by 120V, 1/60Hz motor. New in 2016; in excellent condition.

Bakery Equipment In Stock: 

S741206 Bin, 650 CF, S/st, 5' X 4', Live Bin, Dust Collector,
S740527 Bin, 175 CF, S/st, 60 X 10', Live Bin Bottom, Auger, (5)
S741213 Bin, 100 CF, S/st, 4.5' X 4.5' X 6', Dust Collector, Auger,
S740587 Blower, 40 HP, Lobe Type, Sutorbilt, Mdl 7M-F,
S740589 Blower, 40 HP, Lobe Type, Sutorbilt, Mdl 7M-F, (2)
S740591 Blower, 40 HP, Lobe Type, Sutorbilt, Mdl 7M-F & 8H-F, Dual
S740582 Blower, 30 HP, Lobe Type, Garnder Denver, Mdl GAEMDRA,
L741247 Conveyor, Vibratory, 24 x 25', S/st, Key, Screening
S739701 Depositor, Hinds Bock, 5-across, Model 5P-08WT, Muffins,
C741674 Depositor, Magna, Dough, S/st, 17,
S741249 Detector, Metal, 6, S/st, Fortress, Phantom, Gravity, (2)
A740754 Detector, Metal, 10 X 5, Ceia, Mdl. THS/3F, S/st, Conveyor
S738701 Detector, Metal, 30 X 4, Fortress Phantom, Drop Thru,
S741276 Detector, Metal, 16 x 7, Fortress, Phantom, Drop Thru,
S741581 Detector, Metal, 20 x 5, Ramsey Icore, S/st, (2)
S741579 Divider, Bun, Mdl K400SE, S/st, AMF, 40-100 CPM,
S741502 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 6,080 SF, Torit, DFT4-32, (2)
S741474 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 2,032 SF, Donaldson Torit, DFE2-8
S741473 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 1,808 SF, Donaldson Torit, (10)
S741442 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 1,140 SF, Donaldson Torit, DFO3-6
S741384 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 700 SF, Flex Kleen, S/st,
S741530 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 618 SF, Donaldson Torit, 10 HP,
S741531 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 618 SF, Donaldson Torit, SDF6-OD
S741529 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 618 SF, Donaldson Torit, SDF6OD
S741236 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 350 SF, S/st, HAF Equipment,
S741232 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 300 SF, 1400 CFM, S/st,
S741215 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 250 SF, S/st, Pulse-Jet,
S741234 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 160 SF, Flex Kleen, Mdl 18CTB,
S739568 Dust Collector, Bin Vent, Flex Kleen, Mdl 36-BV-25, S739568
S739569 Dust Collector, Bin Vent, Flex Kleen, Mdl 36-BV-25, S739569
S741441 Dust Collector, Cartridge, 16 Dia., S/st, 4 Cartridge
S741440 Dust Collector, Cartridge, 15 Dia., S/st, 4 Cartridge
S741404 Extruder, Vemag, Mdl R500, S/st Hopper, Vacuum, Controls,
S741403 Extruder, Vemag, Mdl R500, S/st Hpper, Vacuum,
S738698 Feeder, Vibratory, 24 X 8', S/st, Meyer, (2) 0.47 HP
S739760 Filler, Piston, 4-head, Depositor, Moline, Stainless Steel,
S739761 Filler, Piston, 6-head, Depositor, Stainless Steel,
S739763 Filler, Piston, Single, Turbo Systems, Stainless Steel,
A741415 Filler, Piston, Single, Unifiller, Mini Depositor, S/st,
S738718 Filler, Tote, Meyer, Mdl EDF-48, 24 x 48, S/st, Vibratory,
S741578 Former, Bread, Rounder, Belt, S/st, 4 Channel,
S739855 Former, Crumb Spreader, Food Tools, S/st, Elec. Drive
S741233 Hopper, 200 CF, S/st, 5' x 5' x 10', Cone Btm,
S741237 Hopper, 150 CF, S/st, 5' X 4.5' X 5.5', Anderson Dahlen,
S740528 Hopper, 150 CF, S/st, 50 X 36 X 9', Live Bottom Bin, (2)
S741230 Hopper, 125 CF, S/st, 70 X 70 X 64, Valve,
S739699 Mixer, Dough, Spiral, 200 lb, S/st, Pietro Berto,
S741478 Mixer, Conical, 250 CF, Gemco, S/st, Slant Cone, S/st Stand
S741476 Mixer, Conical, 250 CF, Gemco, S/st, Slant Cone, 25 HP,
C741672 Mixer, Liquifier, APV, 50 Gallon, S/st, 7.5 HP,
S730458 Mixer, Ribbon, 140 CF, C/st, 30 HP, Gruendler, 4' x 10'
C741678 Mixer, Ribbon, 1 CF, 304 S/st, 1 HP, VFD,
S741446 Mixer, V-Type, 100 CF, Patterson Kelley, 316 S/st
S741447 Mixer, V-Type, 50 CF, Patterson Kelley, 304 S/st
C741654 Oven, Belt, 44 x 22', S/st, Wolverine Proctor, 2-Zone,
S739698 Press, Pie, 12, Hydro-Matic, Mdl H-201DL,
S741577 Pump, Dough, Twin Screw, S/st, Topos, Auger, Hopper, U20
C741666 Pump, Positive, Waukesha, Mdl 130, S/st, 3, 2 HP,
C741667  Pump, Positive, Waukesha, Mdl 060, S/st, 2-1/2,
S739762 Refrig, Compressor, Copeland, Mdl C3AL-1001-TSC-001
A740752 Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 30 x 20', S/st, Frigoscandia,
S739758 Screen, Sifter, Gump, 28, Double Deck,
S664635 Screen, Sifter, Gump, CP-43, S/st, Pressure, 48,
S738299 Screen, Sifter, Pfening, 30, S/st, 1 HP, Flour,
S741170 Screen, Sweco, 30, Double, S/st, Cover
S741205 Screen, Sweco, 30, Single, S/st, 1/2 HP, Mdl XS30F66,
S739476 Screen, Sweco, 30, Single, S/st, 1/2 HP, Mdl LS30S86,
S741172 Screen, Sweco, 30, Single, S/st, Castors
S741462 Screen, Sweco, 48, Single Deck, S/st, Mdl XS48S88, 2.5 Hp,
S741042 Screen, Vibratory, 17, Single, S/st, Sweco-Type,
S741580 Screen, Vibratory, 20 Dia, S/st, Sifter, Burford, Flour,
S739755 Slicer, Slabber, S/st, Dual Blades, Conveyor, 1/6 HP,
S739729 Sprayer, Oil, Pan Greaser, Automatic, Advanced Bakery,
A740753 Stuffer, Handtmann, Mdl VF 50, S/st Hopper, 420 PPM,
S739757 Valve, Rotary, Airlock, 10, Pfening,
A740750 Wrapper, Ilapak, Mdl Delta 2000 LD B, Horiz, S/st


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