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Bevco bottle washer with gripper, model number M510R, all stainless steel contacts with food-grade rubber belting. Unit designed to wash PET and glass bottles. Minimum diameter of 1.5"; maximum diameter of 9". 2", minimum height; 13" maximum height. Unit driven by 3.75 HP, 230V, 3/60Hz motor. Complete with control panel. Previously used in brewery operation. Very good condition.

Beverage Processing Equipment In Stock:

C739417 Caser, Former, Erector, Packer, Altair, Mdl OCME Altair 60
C739429 Caser, Packer, Hartness, GlobalPack 3500, 70 CPM,
C739430 Caser, Picker, Hartness, GlobalPick 3500, 70 CPM, (2)
C741773 Cooler, Carbo Cooler, Mojonnier, 75 HP, 100 PSI,
C739422 Conveyor, Spiral, 5 Turns, 16 Wide, Ryson, Case Conveyor
C739209  Filler, Aseptic, Liqui-Box, Star Asept 1307, 100 GPM, (2)
C741751 Filler, Bottle, 60-Head, Rotary, PET, Meyer,
C741754 Filler, Bottle, 52-Head, Meyer, Rotary, Alcoa Capper,
S741548 Filler, Bottle, 16 Head, Inline, E-Pak, S/St
C738358 Filler, Bottle, 12 Head, Sidel, Monobloc, Zalkin, Piston,
C740214 Filler, Bottle, 8-head, Rotary, S/st, Shibuya Kogyo,
C741281 Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 6 x 36, Dual Skid, Flomax Pump,
C741282 Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 6 x 36, Dual Skid, Fristam Pump,
C741284 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, MSS, S/st, 25-35 GPM, 8 Dia.,
C740495 Filter, UltraFiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Complete System,
C741283 Filter, UltraFiltration, Vertical Ceramic, S/st, 16 x 36,
C734171 Filler, Rotary, Bottle, 72-valve, Krones, S/st, Capper,
C739345 Pasteurizer, Tube-in-tube, Fenco, S/st, Sterilizer System,
C739365 Pasteurizer, Tube-in-tube, Rossi & Catelli, Sterilizer,
L740548 Pasteurizer, Tube-in-Tube, 282 SF, Feldmeier, S/st, (5)
S741535 Press, Platen, 34 x 34, 5 HP, S/st, Juice, Mdl SS34,
S741534 Press, Platen, 24 X 24, 5 HP, Juice, California, Mdl SS24
S738951 Press, Platen, Juice, 36 x 36, S/st, Stollenwerk,
S597229 Press, Platen, Juice, Hydraulic, C/st, 28 x 28,
C597230 Press, Platen, Juice, Mdl Stoll III, S/st,
S738657 Pulper, Finisher, Brown, Mdl 106, 2 HP, Paddle,
S738681 Pulper, Finisher, Brown, Mdl 100, 2 HP, Paddle,
S741470 Pulper, Finisher, FMC, Mdl 100, Parts,
S741193 Pulper, Finisher, FMC, Mdl 54, S/st, 15 HP,
S741469 Pulper, Finisher, FMC, Mdl 50, Parts,
S740919 Pulper, Finisher, FMC, Mdl 50, S/st, 7.5 HP,
S738909 Pulper, Finisher, Langsenkamp, Mdl 185, S/st, 1 HP, Paddle
C741279 Pump, Centrif., 50 HP, S/st, Andritz, Type S8, 8X6,
C741280 Pump, Centrif., 25 HP, S/st, Andritz, Type S8, 5X4,
C741289 Refrig, Chiller, 11 Ton, Thermal Care, Mdl NQA10, Air Cooled
S741637 Tank, 6,850 Gallon, S/st, 8' x 18', CT/SB, Beverages, (2)
S741638 Tank, 6,850 Gallon, S/st, 8' x 18', CT/SB, Insul,
C741165 Tank, 2,250 Gallon, S/st, 6' X 10', DT/DB, Polished,
C741164 Tank, 2,250 Gallon, S/st, 6' X 10', Jkt, Elec. Heated,
C741163 Tank, 850 Gallon, S/st, 5' X 5.5', DT/DB, Polished, (3)
C741162 Tank, 850 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Elec Heated, 5' X 5.5', (2)
S741771 Washer, Bottle, Gripper/Rinser, Bevco, Mdl M510R, S/st,
C733571 Washer, Bottle, Gripper/Rinser, Bevco, S/st, 25' Long


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