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Belt & Screw Types Available 

ABCO belt blancher, measures 4-1/2' wide x 25' overall length, all stainless steel construction. Two stage blancher with belts at slight incline, stainless steel woven belts, first belt drops product onto second belt, then discharges by rotary paddle wheel to dimpled bucket discharge chute with 10" x 12" side outlet. Previously used on diced apples. Complete with internal spray bars for cleaning of belts. Blanching system includes control panel and is in good condition.

Blanchers In Stock:

C741712 Blancher, Belt, 4.5' x 25', S/st, ABCO, Two Stage,
S738457 Blancher, Screw, 36 X 13', S/st, Hughes, Steam,
Z106302 Blancher, Screw, 36 X 12', S/st, Rietz, Solid Reel,
S736790 Blancher, Screw, 36 X 14', S/st, Steam,
A741134 Blancher, Screw, 24 x 18', S/st, Steam Injection,
C730496 Blancher, Screw, 24 X 8', S/st, Utilicon, Steam,
S741196 Blancher, Screw, 20 x 65, AK Robins, Mdl 79,
A741132 Blancher, Screw, 18 x 15', S/st, Steam Injection,
A741131 Blancher, Screw, 16 x 15', S/st, Steam Injection, Drive
Z106365 Blancher, Screw, 12 X 15', S/st, Kraft, Jkt, Steam, Cooker,
S739222 Blancher, Screw, 9 x 8', S/st, Rietz, Thermascrew, Steam
S741195 Blancher, Screw, 8 x 8', S/st, Rietz Thermascrew, Jkt


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