Used Bottle Fillers Available
Inline & Rotary Types In Stock

Meheen 6-Head Bottle Pressure Filler, Model M6, complete with Labeler and Crowner. Unit capable of filling up to 40 bottles per minute; bottle diameter ranges from 1-1/2" to 3". Filling section leads to Pressure Sensitive Labeler with 4" X 60" conveyor. Currently set for 4" X 4" labels. System includes Crowner currently set for 25mm caps. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters. Complete with digital controls. Previously used in food operation and in very good condition.

Used Bottle Fillers Available:

C734171 Filler, Bottle, 72-Head, Rotary, Krones, S/st, Capper,
C741751 Filler, Bottle, 60-Head, Meyer, Rotary, Alcoa Capper
C741754 Filler, Bottle, 52-Head, Rotary, PET, Capper, Crown
C330795 Filler, Bottle, 32-Head S/st, Pocket,
C737813 Filler, Bottle, 28-Head, Rotary, Cemac, S/st, 3/4 Nozzles
S730130 Filler, Bottle, 24-Head, Rotary, US Bottlers, Feed Pump
S741829 Filler, Bottle, 22-Head, Rotary, Fogg, S/st,
S739445 Filler, Bottle, 14-Head, S/st, Vacuum, Rotary, Horix
A742602 Filler, Bottle, 12-Head, Rotary, BevCorp
C736039 Filler, Bottle, 12-Head, Rotary, Fogg, S/st, 3/4 HP,
S743280 Filler, Bottle, 8-Head, Inline, Kaps All, Mdl FA-P
C741486 Filler, Bottle, 8-Head, Inline, S/st, Less Heads, Pump
C740214 Filler, Bottle, 8-Head, Rotary, S/st, Shibuya Kogyo,
C331976 Filler, Bottle, 8-Head, Simplex, Inline, S/st, Automatic,
C736038 Filler, Bottle, 6-Head, Federal, S/st, 1/2 HP
C739591 Filler, Bottle, 6-Head, Inline, C/st,
S743298 Filler, Bottle, 6-Head, Meheen, Mdl M6, Crowner, Labeler
C741930 Filler, Bottle, 4-Head, Inline, E-Pak, Semi-Automatic