Used Bottling Equipment 

Filling Lines, Cappers, Labelers, Sealers, Wrappers & more

Bottle feeder & unscrambler, New England Model CPCL72PAMI, automatic, stainless steel, Rated for 20 to 120 containers per minute. Capable of handling variety of sizes and shapes including round, oval, straight-wall, tapered, and non-tapered containers. Set up to run 32 oz and 16 oz PET bottles.
Bottle filling line, GAI Model 2005 10-Head filler, rinser, and corker. Filler is a low-vacuum filler with bottle sparging and vacuum corking. Includes model 6030 2-station pressure-sensitive labeler. Capable of up to 2,300 750 ml bottles per hour. Complete with 58mm, 78mm, 83mm, and 105mm change parts. Very good condition.

Rotary bottle filler, manufactured by Fogg, includes (22) valves, all stainless steel construction with (22) 1-1/8" diameter valves on 7" valve centers, previously used for 1 gallon bottle of gallon marinated juice for meat, 54" diameter x 12" deep filler bowl. Includes 4-head rotary snap-cap type capper. 
Carbo cooler, Mojonnier model 14-44, includes FlowMix syrup & water proportioner, 460 gallon tank, 15 HP stainless steel centrifugal pump, liquid ring vacuum pump and 5 HP stainless steel centrifugal pump. Offered with twin Vilter refrigeration compressors on skid. Last used at Coca Cola facility and in good condition.

Bottling Equipment In Stock:

C741903 Capper, Kaps-All, Mdl B, Snap Cap, With Cap Feeder,
S742145 Capper, Pack West, Centurion 120, Torquer, Sorter
S742214 Capper, Pack West, Rotary Royal 8, Chuck Capper,
C741912 Capper, Resina, Mdl SN-51, 110mm caps, Chuck type,
C741910 Capper, Resina, Mdl S-30, 76mm caps, Cap Feeder,

Carbo Coolers:

C741773 Cooler, Carbo Cooler, Mojonnier, Mdl 36-20, 100 PSI, A
C741781 Cooler, Carbo Cooler, Mojonnier, Mdl 14-44, 250 PSI,


C734171 Filler, Bottle, 72-valve, Rotary, Krones, S/st, Capper,
C741754 Filler, Bottle, 60-Head, Meyer, Rotary, Alcoa Capper, A
C741751 Filler, Bottle, 52-Head, Rotary, PET, Capper, Crown,
C330795 Filler, Bottle, 32 Station, Rotary, S/st, Pocket,
S741829 Filler, Bottle, 22-Valve, Rotary, Fogg, S/st,
S741548 Filler, Bottle, 16 Head, Inline, E-Pak, S/St
C741930 Filler, Bottle, 4-Head, Inline, E-Pak, Semi-Automatic,
A742023  Filling Line, Bottle, 10-Head, GAI, Corker,
S742068 Filling Line, Bottle, Capsules, Counter, Labeler, Capper,
S742069 Filling Line, Bottle, Pill Counter, Labeler, Capper, 40 BPM
S742067 Filling Line, Bottle, Tablets, Counter, Labeler, Capper,
A741743 Filling Line, Bottle, Wine, Rinser, Filler, Corker, Labeler


S742152 Labeler, Label Inspection, Optel Vision, Mdl OP 300
C740300 Labeler, Krones, Universella, Front&Back, Glue, Wine Bottles
S742151 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, LSI, Mdl 3990, Wrap Around,
S742211 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Kosme, Front & Back, S/st, 
S742146 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Newman, Mdl NV2, Wrap Around,
C741785 Labeler, SIG, Glue, Alfa RollQuattro, 18 Head, S/st,


C741823 Printer, Inkjet, Videojet, Series 170i UHS, Video Excel,
C741822 Printer, Inkjet, Videojet, Series 170i, Video Excel, (2)


S742236 Sealer, Induction, AutoMate, Mdl AM-250, S/st, Portable,
S742118 Sealer, Neck Bander, Kalish, S/st, Mdl 5415, Mini Bandit
S742129 Sorter, Bottle, Orienter, Kaps All, S/st,
A742246 Sorter, Bottle, Unscrambler, New England


S742235 Table, Accumulation, 42, S/st, Raised Edges,
S742116 Table, Accumulation 30, S/st, CE King
S742168 Table, Accumulation, 29 X 48, S/st,
S742184 Table, Accumulation, 28 X 48, S/st,
S742039 Table, Accumulation, 24, S/st, 1/8 HP


C733571 Washer, Bottle, Gripper/Rinser, Bevco, S/st, 25' Long
S742212 Washer, Bottle, McBrady, Orbital Washer, Mdl 200,


S742139 Wrapper, Bundler, API, Mdl DT 2000,
S742192 Wrapper, Bundler, API, Shrink,
S742148 Wrapper, Bundler, ARPAC, Mdl 1158-20 TW, Overwrapper, Tunnel
S742213 Wrapper, Overwrapper, PMI, S/st, Shrink Tunnel

Miscellaneous Bottling Equipment:

C741782  Caser, Drop Packer, Hartness, S/st, PET Bottles,
S741839 Conveyor, Belt, 6 X 300, S/st, Bottle Track,
S742143 Counter, Pill, Kalish, Type SPC ANC8-16
S742117 Inserter, Dessicant, Kalish, S/st, Bowl Feeder,
S742147 Scale, Checkweigher, Ramsey, AC 9000 Plus,

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