Buhler Single Pass Apron Dryer
New in 2019, Hardly Used | Complete System | Stainless Steel

Buhler Aeroglide Model C1 150-42 RGC single pass apron dryer, all stainless steel construction, previously used on hemp, serial number 125272-01. Gas-fired drying system with two heating zones and one cooling zone. Stainless belt measures 150" wide (effective width) x 42'2" overall length; Zone 1 = 10'9" long, Zone 2 = 10'9" long, Cooling Zone - 7'2" long. Zone 1 includes 1MM BTU/HR burner, Zone 2 includes 3MM BTU/hr burner and Cooling zone includes 18,400 CFM cooling exhaust fan. System rated for 1,000 lbs/hr product feed, 278 lbs/hr dry product out. Complete with controls. System was new in 2019 and is in excellent condition. Complete with Griffin Cardwell stainless steel feeder system including receiving bin and inclined feed conveyor.