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Auger, Bag, Bottle, Cup, Piston, Rotary types & more...

Rotary powder filler with six stations, features vacuum system to fill loose powder and suitable for different bottle neck sizes. Unit is 220 volt single phase, with bottle checking sensor, capacity of 15-30 containers per minute. 

Auger Fillers:

A740733 Filler, Auger, AMS, Mdl A-100, S/st, Foot Pedal,
S735008 Filler, Auger, All-Fill, 2-Head, 3-1/2, S/st, Powder
S738318 Filler, Auger, Custom Design, S/st, 2, Powder
S738317 Filler, Auger, Custom Design, S/st, 2, Powder, (2)
C740411 Filler, Auger, Mateer-Burt, S/st, Mdl 909
C738275 Filler, Auger, Mateer-Burt, S/st, Mdl 31-A,
C738274 Filler, Auger, Mateer-Burt, S/st, Mdl 31-A, Scale,
S736707 Filler, Auger, Mateer-Burt, Single Head, Mdl 31A, (2)
S741767 Filler, Auger, Mateer-Burt, Single Head, S/st, Mdl 31-F
S740000 Filler, Auger, Noah, Mdl CF-5B, Controls
S739713 Filler, Auger, P-1, Mdl DP-1, S/st, Single Head
A741411 Filler, Auger, Per-Fil, MR-1X, S/st, Micro Recharger,

Bag Fillers:

S736634 Filler, Bag, 15 Station, S/st
S738665 Filler, Bag, 8 Head, S/st, Eriez, Mdl N4X, 115V
C330146 Filler, Bag, Auger, Stoker, Single, C/st, With Scale,
C330125 Filler, Bag, Esp, Open Mouth, Mdl GBAO-31, 115#, C/st
S730466 Filler, Bag, Line, Open Mouth, Express Scale
S730464 Filler, Bag, Line, Open Mouth, Howes Richards
S732475 Filler, Bag, Modular, Mdl MPB/8000, Frac HP,
S742033 Filler, Bag, Packer, Durant, Mdl 100, C/st,
C741788 Filler, Bag, Packer, Stoker, Mdl 1-5V-R, Single, C/st
S742032 Filler, Bag, Packer, Stoker, Mdl CR, C/st,
S742035 Filler, Bag, Packer, Stoker, Mdl DX, C/st,
C732731 Filler, Bag, Powder, Durant Mdl 200, S/st, Pneumatic
S736633 Filler, Bag, Rotary, 4 Station, S/st, Vibratory Feeder
S740427 Filler, Bag, S/st, Sugiyasu Corp., Open Mouth, Elec Weigh
S330206 Filler, Bag, St. Regis, Pneumatic, Single Spout,
S739812 Filler, Bag, Stoker, Mdl 15VR, C/st, Single, Auger, (2)
A741374 Filler, Bag-In-Box, Scholle, Auto Fill 9, S/st,
C741920 Filler, Bag-in-bag, Omag, Tea Pods, Mdl. C3, Vertical,

Bottle Fillers:

C741754 Filler, Bottle, 60-Head, Meyer, Rotary, Alcoa Capper, A
C741751 Filler, Bottle, 52-Head, Rotary, PET, Capper, Crown,
C737813 Filler, Bottle, 28 Valve, Rotary, Cemac, S/st, 3/4 Nozzles
S741829 Filler, Bottle, 22-Valve, Rotary, Fogg, S/st,
S741548 Filler, Bottle, 16 Head, Inline, E-Pak, S/St
S739445 Filler, Bottle, 14-head, S/st, Vacuum, Rotary, Horix
C736039 Filler, Bottle, 12-valve, Rotary, Fogg, S/st, 3/4 HP,
C741486 Filler, Bottle, 8 Head, Inline, S/st, Less Heads, Pump
C740214 Filler, Bottle, 8-head, Rotary, S/st, Shibuya Kogyo,
C331976 Filler, Bottle, 8 Valve, Simplex, Inline, S/st, Automatic,
C736038 Filler, Bottle, 6 Valve, Federal, S/st, 1/2 HP
C739591 Filler, Bottle, 6 Head, Inline, C/st,
C741930 Filler, Bottle, 4-Head, Inline, E-Pak, Semi-Automatic,
S332387 Filler, Bottle, Nu-way, 5 Station, S/st,
Z332395 Filler, Bottle, Pressure, Single Head, S/st,

Capsule Fillers:

S741075 Filler, Capsule, Auto, Jiangan, Mdl NJP-800A, 6 HP
S739998 Filler, Capsule, Noah, Mdl 200C, NJP Automatic

Cup Fillers:

C334802 Filler, Cup, Akra-pak, Mdl OSF64B, Lidder, Food Grade,
C741267 Filler, Cup, Ampak, S/st, Lidder, Denester,
S740695 Filler, Cup, Fill-Tech, 2-lane, Tubs, Sealer, Lidder,
A741624 Filler, Cup, Oystar, Vacuum, 120 CPM,
A740671 Filler, Cup, Sealer, Lidder, Phoenix, Chili
A740732 Filler, Cup, Tray, 2 Lane, Piston Filler, FEMC, Lidder
S740393 Filler, Cup, WA Lane, Mdl 678, S/st, 10-Head, Sealer, (3)

Form, Fill & Sealers:

C731970 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Automatic Pkg, Mdl H, Scale,
S738857 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Autopack, Liquid,
C739922 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Autowrapper, Mdl RC100, Tea Bags,
A741847 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Bartelt, Mdl IM7-14, Horiz,
A741848 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, ERCA, Mdl EF 320,
S740635 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, ElPack, Mdl EL-200, Round Cake,
C741394 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Horizontal, Prodo-Pak, Mdl H-130,
A740274 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Ilapak, Vegatronic 2000,
A741597 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Spouted Pouch, 250 PPM,
C336694 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Triangle, Pulsamatic, Single Spout,

Piston Fillers:

S735565 Filler, Piston, 14 Head, Rotary, S/st, Elmar Indus
S740365 Filler, Piston, 8 Head, Inline, S/st
S739761 Filler, Piston, 6-head, Depositor, Stainless Steel,
S734910 Filler, Piston, 6-Head, S/st, Rationaton, DC Control
S739760 Filler, Piston, 4-head, Depositor, Moline, Stainless Steel,
S732732 Filler, Piston, 4-Head, Filamatic, Mdl CVM300, 1 Ltr, S/st
S738855 Filler, Piston, 4-Head, S/st, Agitated Hopper, (2)
S736393 Filler, Piston, 2-Head, Filamatic, S/st, Tubes, Rotary
C338507 Filler, Piston, FMC, M&S, 20 Piston, 32 Oz. Can,
S339025 Filler, Piston, FMC, M&S, 12 Piston, Mdl C-120, S/st, (2)
S741322 Filler, Piston, Single, Hinds Bock, S/st, Mdl SP648,
S730134 Filler, Piston, Single, NRM Elgin, Mdl MR10
C740415 Filler, Piston, Single, Pump Filler, S/st, Pneumatic,
S741430 Filler, Piston, Single, S/st, 1 Dia., Start/Stop
S737290 Filler, Piston, Single, S/st, Pneumatic, Hopper
A741415 Filler, Piston, Single, Unifiller, Mini Depositor, S/st,
Z339691 Filler, Piston, Votator, Mdl P-9-GL, 502 X 512,

Rotary Fillers:

S739402 Filler, Rotary, 6 Head, Powder, S/st, Yu Hao
C734171 Filler, Rotary, Bottle, 72-valve, Krones, S/st, Capper,
C330795 Filler, Rotary, Bottle, 32 Station, S/st, Pocket,
S730130 Filler, Rotary, US Bottlers, 24 Head, Feed Pump
C735801 Filler, Rotary, Volumetric, 7 Head, Flexi-fill, Dry, S/st

Supersack Fillers:

S742034 Filler, Supersack, C/st, Bulk Bag, Digital Scale, Hooks,
C741560 Filler, Supersack, Flexicon, Bulk Bag, Twin Centerpost
C740307 Filler, Supersack, Taylor, Mdl IBC-3000


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