Used Filter Presses & Filtration Equipment
Plate & Frame, Ultra-Filtration, Reverse Osmosis & more

M.W. Watermark Automatic Filter Press, Model FP470G32L-13/16-4MXX. Approximate 31.50 square feet, 2.625 cubic feet cake capacity. Maximum feed pressure 100 PSI. Air supply pressure 100 PSI. Hydraulic clamping pressure 7000 PSI. (14) 470 x 470 mm plates. 32 mm chamber cake thickness. (4) Corner discharge, center feed. Mounted on a painted carbon steel frame. Serial number FP01081, built in 2018.

Pacific Press Filter 1500mm Plate Filter Press, includes (67) 1500mm X 1500mm (59" x 59") plates, 3" thick plates, 1" recess on both sides of plates. Rated for approximately 5,400 square feet total surface area (2,700 square feet, each side) and 260 cubic feet total cake capacity (130 cubic feet, each side), 225 maximum PSI. Pacific Model number 1500N232B-130/260BRACBS, serial number 511, Filter number PFTW15EYHS25, new in 1996. Includes 5 HP hydraulic pump for twin closing rams, control panel and MCC. Also includes stainless steel discharge hopper with take away screw conveyor. Previously used at wine processing facility.

Filtrox Model FILTROstar 1500 Pressure Filter, previously used for beer, rated for 70 square meters (538 square feet) of filtration area, 4,300 liters (1,135 gallons) total vessel volume, 1,500 mm (59") diameter, set up for (343) 32.5 mm X 1,368 mm (1.25" x 54") long filter candles inside vessel, pressure rated for 7 bar (105 PSI), 1,450 liters (383 gallons) sludge volume, recommended capacity is 250 Hectoliters (hL) per hour, maximum filtration cycle 2.840 Hectoliters (150 gr./hL), maximum filtration flow - 350 Hectoliters per hour, minimum filtration flow - 175 Hectoliters per hour. Previously used by major beer producer. Good condition.

Ultra Filtration Filter, manufactured by Rainmaker, dual-chamber vertical ceramic type. Chambers housing the filters are approximately 16" diameter X 36" straight side, with 10" diameter in & out. Ultra-filtration filter is unitized on stainless steel frame and includes valves, gauges, piping, etc. Previously used in waste water treatment application for beverages.