Fruit & Vegetable Processing Equipment 

Dicers, Peelers, Blanchers, Washers, Kettles, Freezers & more...

Belt blancher, manufactured by ABCO, measures 4-1/2' wide x 25' overall length, all stainless steel construction. Two stage blancher with belts at slight incline, stainless steel woven belts. Complete with internal spray bars for cleaning of belts. Also includes Valley Welding dewatering chain conveyor. Previously used on diced apples. Includes control panel and is in good condition.

Freeze dryer, GEA Niro model Ray Pilot 2. Unit is designed as a modular system with all stainless steel contacts. Unit has a typical capacity of 130 pounds of beef, or 87 pounds of fruit per day with a typical batch time of 8 - 12 hours for processing. Includes sixteen (16) freeze drying trays, and four (4) finned drying trays for increased capacity. New in 2012 and in excellent condition. 
(3) Urschel G-A dicers, driven by 2 HP motor, previously dicing apples 3/8" x 3/8". Currently less cutting blades. In good working condition when removed from service in 2018. Dicer can be offered reconditioned. Inquire with sales rep on reconditioned price.

FMC model 50 finisher, stainless steel. Includes 12" diameter X 21" long pulping section. Unit has four-paddle set up with curved paddle ends. Screen size .020. Unit has 1-1/4" inlet with 2" liquids discharge and 5" X 2-1/2" solids discharge with manual gate. Includes distributor feed wheel. Complete with Allen Bradley start/stop switch. 

Fruit & Vegetable Equipment In Stock:

C741712 Blancher, Belt, 4.5' x 25', S/st, ABCO, Two Stage, C741712
C741728 Caser, Erector, Polybag Inserter, Decuffer, K&R,
A739726 Centrifuge, Decanter, Westfalia, SDA-360, 100 HP,
A739727 Centrifuge, Disc, Auto, IMMA, S/st, Wine Clarifier
C742015  Conveyor, Belt, 36 X 13', S/st, Dewatering, Incline,
C736575 Conveyor, Belt, 16 X 2' 8, Sizer, Rubber Belt,
C742016  Conveyor, Vibratory, 36 X 12', S/st, Key, Dewatering,
C736557  Conveyor, Vibratory, 30 X 64, S/st, Allen Fruit Co,
C741718  Detector, Metal, 32 X 5, Cintex, S/st, Belt Conveyor,
C730147 Dicer, Cutter, Carruthers, Mdl MS13001, S/st,
S740985 Dicer, Eillert, Type BL 1000 VAR, S/st, Stripping-Dicing,
C737795 Dicer, Hallde, Table-top, Mdl RG300, 1 HP,
C736234 Dicer, Slicer, Dixie, Uni-slicer, Mdl SL-450, S/st,
Z261364 Dicer, Urschel, Comitrol, Mdl 3600, 10 HP, S/st,
Z261363 Dicer, Urschel, Comitrol, Mdl Mg, 15 HP, 220/440 Volt
Z261361 Dicer, Urschel, Comitrol, Mdl Mg, 15 HP Belt Drv, Standard
C261360 Dicer, Urschel, Comitrol, Mdl MG, S/st, 30 HP,
S740911 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl 30, Cutter, 3/4 HP, Slicer, 34 Dia.,
S740910 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl 30, Cutter, 3/4 HP, Slicer, 38 Dia.,
S741006 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl CD, S/st, 5 HP,
C741710 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl G-A, 2 HP, S/st, Apples, (3) C741710
S734867 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl HX-A, S/st,
C740608 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl HS-A, S/st, Slicer,
C740661 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl OC, Bias Slicer, Accelerator Belt
S739000 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl RA, S/st, 3/8 x 1/4, 5 HP
A741986 Dryer, Tray, Freeze, GEA Niro, Mdl. Ray Pilot 2
C736563 Dryer, Tray, Proctor Schwartz, S/st, 30 X 44 X 40
C741716 Dumper, Bin, Tote, S/st, Hydraulic, Tilt, Chain Feed,
C736558 Feeder, Vibratory, 30 X 64, S/st, Allen Fruit Co
C736616 Feeder, Vibratory, 12 X 21, S/st, Electro-Magnet Driven,
C736618 Feeder, Vibratory, 10 X 43, S/st,
C736625 Feeder, Vibratory, 10 X 22, S/st, Electro-Magnet Driven,
C736615 Feeder, Vibratory, 8 X 42, S/st, Electro-Magnet Driven,
C741719 Filler, Box, Weigh, 2-Lane, Weigh Pack, Multi Trix, C741719
C741729 Filler, Tote, Rice Lake Systems, Mdl 920i-3A, S/st, ESP,
A739739 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 33 SF, S/st, Sparkler, Mdl 33S11
C741732 Hopper, 75 CF, S/st, 5' x 4' x 3.5', Discharge Auger,
C736561 Hopper, 50 CF, C/st, Inclined Belt Discharge, Prewash Tank,
S740977 Kettle, 80 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Legion, Mdl LGB-80,
S740970 Kettle, 60 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Cleveland, Mdl KDL-60T SH,
S740997 Kettle, 60 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Groen, Mdl D60, Tilt,
S740976 Kettle, 60 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Groen, Mdl H60,
S740974 Kettle, 60 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Groen, Mdl DL/60, Tilt,
S740980 Kettle, 60 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Welbilt, Mdl KDL-60T, Tilt,
S740979 Kettle, 40 Gallon, 316 S/st, Jkt, Cleveland, Mdl KGL-40,
S740989 Kettle, 40 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Groen, Mdl DH/1-40, Tilt,
S740975 Kettle, 40 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Southfield, Mdl KSLG-40,
S740971 Kettle, 20 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Groen, Mdl DH-20,
S740968 Mixer, Paddle, 20 CF, S/st, Hydraulic,
C741730  Palletizer, Pasco, Series 6650, Slip Sheet Inserter,
S741746 Peeler, Asparagus, Hepro, Mdl HSM-180, Single Phase
S742123 Peeler, Lyco, Model 7000, S/st, 500-20000 Pounds per hour
C740606 Peeler, Magnuson, Mdl HK Washer, 20 X 9.5', 7.5 HP,
S581151 Peeler, Magnuson, Mdl HC, Magnuscrubber,
S740994 Peeler, Ron Bichel, S/st, Abrasive, 28 x 70, Screw,
A741005 Pulper, Finisher, Brown, Mdl 3600, S/st,
S738657 Pulper, Finisher, Brown, Mdl 106, 2 HP, Paddle,
S738681 Pulper, Finisher, Brown, Mdl 100, 2 HP, Paddle,
S741470 Pulper, Finisher, FMC, Mdl 100, Parts,
S741469 Pulper, Finisher, FMC, Mdl 50, Parts,
S740919 Pulper, Finisher, FMC, Mdl 50, S/st, 7.5 HP,
S738909 Pulper, Finisher, Langsenkamp, Mdl 185, S/st, 1 HP, Paddle
S741834 Pulper, Finisher, Manzini, TE30, Turbo Finisher, 40 HP,
C736569 Pump, Vacuum, 7.5 HP, Liquid Ring, Croll Reynolds Ejector,
C741720 Refrig, Compressor, 400 HP, Frick, Mdl RWBII, Ammonia,
C741721 Refrig, Compressor, 350 HP, Frick, Mdl RWBII, Ammonia,
C741723 Refrig, Compressor, 60 HP, Frick, Mdl FXF 30, Ammonia,
C741722 Refrig, Compressor, 60 HP, Frick, Mdl RX24H, Ammonia,
C741707 Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 5' X 20', S/st, IQF, Cloudy Britton,
C741713 Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 5' X 40', S/st, IQF, Hussman,
S741807 Screen, Parabolic, 36, S/st, Lyco, 0.100 Screen,
S741832 Screen, Vibratory, 24 x 48, S/st, 1/8 Openings, 1 HP,
C741715 Screen, Rotary, 36 x 60, S/st, Key, Cornell Pump,
C741714 Screen, Rotary, 16 x 26, S/st, Cornell Pump, Enclosure,
S741017 Slicer, Brothers, 1/4 slice, Manual, Vegetables,
C741717 Sorter, Color, Best, Type Argus, Vibratory Feed Shaker,
A739731 Tank, 12,500 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, 12' x 15', Sloped Bottom
A739730 Tank, 7,500 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, 8' x 20', Sloped Bottom
A739732 Tank, 6,000 Gallon, S/st, Vertical, 8' x 16', Juice,
S741830 Tank, 1,500 Gallon, S/st, 5' X 8', DT/CB, Baffles,
C741731 Tank, 650 Gallon, C/st, Ammonia Receiver, 300 PSI, MorFab,
S741831 Washer, Rotary, Odenberg, 48 x 7', S/st, Less Drive,
A741868 Washer, Vegetable, S/st, Onion, Cutter, Christiaens,
C741727 Water Removal System, Reyco, SuperVac, 5 HP, 12/10

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