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End out 2017 with a bang (or, at least a new "pluck") 
Reduced prices on used harps!

Lionwood Bridget 36 - $3900
Salvi Daphne 40 - $7900
Lyon & Healy Style 24 - $12,500
Salvi Diana - $14,000

Call for complete information and/or questions - 281.890.4500
or email:

More about the harps: 
From 2002 is a very unique instrument built by Mike Maley of Lionwood Harps. It is his standard Bridget 36 model in gorgeous Hawaiian Koa wood with the neck and column of Birds eye Maple. 61" at the column peak, back at 48" with the solid spruce sound board 18" across at the bottom. Her name is Jennie as illustrated by the signature burned in at the bottom of the sound board. She liked to shine on stage so there are battery operated lights under the neck and the installed Fishman transducer made sure all could hear her beautiful, crystalline tone! The included custom fiberglass hard shell case kept her safe (and the whimsical art work attest to her very playful quality!) This harp remains on the planet while the owner, a good friend to many of us in the Houston area, has taken on her new experience. 

Beautiful used Salvi Diana Concert Grand Pedal Harp in Walnut Finish SN: 3526  Purchased in 1982, this has been a one-owner harp lovingly played at home for personal pleasure. Moved very little, it is in pristine condition. Although health issues prevented the owner from playing it the past 2 years, it was well maintained with a full string change and complete regulation by Peter Wiley in 2014. Beside the dolly pictured with the harp, included is a dust cover, heavy-duty padded transport cover, tuning keys, tool kit and spare strings for the top 3 octaves plus a wooden Salvi transport trunk.
This harp did experience an issue with the center strip slipping out of alignment causing the string holes not to match. Shipped to Lyon & Healy in 2002, a new soundboard was installed with repairs completed in June 2003.
Rich, warm sound. 

The 24 is from 1905 and in excellent condition!

Angel and Last Dance by Sarah McLachlan
Annie Laurie and Shenandoah arr. Angi Bemiss
Christmas Lullaby (PDF) by Kim Robertson [also avail paper version]
Christmas Lullaby Volume II by Kim Robertson
Christmas Lullaby Volume II by Kim Robertson (PDF)
Colorful Worship by Bonnie Mohr
Faith of Our Fathers Ensemble arr. Linda Barton Paul
In the Bleak Midwinter Duet arr. Linda Barton Paul/Vicki Smith
Moon Over the Pagoda by Julia Sanders
Eternal Meditations arr. Vicki Smith
Still Still Still arr. Linda Barton Paul
Christmastide Tunes arr. Vicki Smith
I Wonder as I Wander arr. Vicki Smith

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