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Used Harps 
All of a sudden we have LOTS of used harps! With used instruments, we prefer direct communication so we can answer any questions or advise on suitability for each person's unique situation. please call - 281.890.4500
or email:
Built by Jim Mosley around 1990, this 25 string harp features a full set of Robinson Levers along with hand carving on the neck. Strung with Folk Harp Gut, the tension is a bit light and the spacing is fairly close making for a compact harp.
Dimensions: Height at column 32", depth at 20" and 11" at the base of the soundboard. Weight is 10 pounds.  See video demo on our site HERE  
The Salvi Arion SG is unique in the Salvi line. Its new concept sound board starts spreading further up the harp to create a smoother line to the extended part of the sound board resulting in a full, well balanced sound throughout the instrument. Complete 47 string range but at 70 inches and 81 pounds, it offers a bit more ease in transport. More info HERE   
Venus Diplomat Concert Grand In Natural Finish Pedal Harp Pac  kage comes back to us after providing 13 years of enjoyment to one of our customers who has recently downsized. Purchased in 2005, it has been well maintained through the years and even had a full checkup the first of this year with all new strings and complete regulation by Peter Wiley! Rarely moved, it is in pristine condition and has a full, rich tone. Along with the harp is included the thick, padded Venus cover (not pictured) , K-2 brand 6-wheel dolly, matching bench and a very unique matching music stand.  See more  
Venus Premier Package Concert Harp Serial Number 3131 in very good condition.  Well maintained, this Mahogany finish Pedal Harp was last regulated March 2018 by Peter Wiley. Due to a career change, the current owner is switching to a smaller harp for regular air travel. Perfect for the gigging harpist, the American Harp Cart brand dolly is included along with the full 3-piece Transport Cover set.
Can be heard on our FB page HERE 
We also have a Lyon & Healy style 16 for $9000.  It is not yet pictured on the site.

 Free Music! 
Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher has been writing a series of Bard books.  The latest are "The Beloved Bard" and "The Lively Bard." We thought you might like a free duet, and have provided THE WOODBUNCH from The Lively Bard. Flute Part | Harp Part | See it on our website.  (blockers may not allow you to open the files - check that if you have a challenge.) 
   New Music!   
Were You There? arr. Rhett Barnwell
Int. all harps + Cello
Sylvia Woods!  
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Carol Wood
see many of Carol Wood's you tubes on her Pinterest Board  
Christmas at Arthur's Court 
Christmas at Arthur's Court
50 songs you might consider to round out your repertoire!    
Bill Mahan is writing a series of coloring books for harp.  Look for volume TWO in late May or June.  Volume ONE is delightful!
Thank you for reading this far.   We appreciate our customers!!!  
Oops - we had the wrong twitter address - it's now corrected! We also added Instagram. 
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