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Another summer is upon us - may yours be excellent.
Used Harps 
Continuing work on our "USED HARPS" category, we have added to the list.  To get to the category, click HERE.  
 Free Music! 
This month's free offering is from Louise Trotter's Puerto Rican Sketches.  It is La Playa (the Beach).  It's available from our blog site HERE
Texas native Louise Trotter is a well-loved harpist, composer and arranger.  Her harp studies were at Texas Women's University and with Mildred Dilling. Louise has been awarded two Lifetime Achievement Awards; one by the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen in 2003, and the other by the Somerset Folk Harp Festival in 2014. Her specialty is standards and country. She regularly plays the piano for dinner at her senior apartment complex.
On Sale through July 31    
Three Patriotic Pieces arranged by Mary Radspinner
These three famous songs are arranged for lever harp to be played as a solo or to accompany a majority of singers with alto voices. America is in the key of Bb, America the Beautiful is in the key of G, and The Star Spangled Banner is offered in 2 keys: G and Bb, to accommodate both sopranos and altos. For full range lever harp or pedal harp. INTERMEDIATE LEVER OR PEDAL  paper version digital version 
Almost hot off the press
Growing Toward the Light by Carol Wood:  
Growing Toward the Light  is a collection of pieces that Carol Wood began working on in a period of great sadness, when she and her husband discovered he was suffering from a kind of dementia similar to Alzheimer's.  Only a few of the thirteen pieces in the collection reflect the heartbreak and grief that followed, but, as Carol writes in her introduction, many musical friends encouraged her to try to keep playing and composing   
A Walk in the Mountains by Kathryn Cater
Inspired by Horton Pass, Wallowa Mountains,  
Wallowa County, OR.  Ten Colorful Solos written  
with a deep and experienced love of hiking and  
nature. Up the Mountain Trail, Light Through the  
Trees, Huckleberries, Tickle Creek, Rain on the
Lake,High Meadows, Fire Spell, Afterglow, The  
Stars Come Out, Sunrise on the Mountain. Cater,
a marvelous harpist on both pedal and lever, is  
creative and exceptional as a composer of harp music. 
New From Angi Bemiss!  
Written in 1968 by Joni Mitchell and first recorded by Judy Collins (and then by Joni Mitchell and at least a hundred others),
this tune is instantly recognized and brings a smile.
From Angi: While sitting at the harp playing "Nearer," "Abide" came to mind. 
With an introduction and interlude, they can be played individually or as a medley.  
T he best-selling Christian single of all time*
(and crossing over to Top 40
as of May 2018.)
New titles from Joy Slavens 
Cherished Moments - digital only currently
Easy Livin' - digital only currently
Hand in Hand - digital only currently  

New from Christina Cotruvo (for Double Strung Harp)

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