Used Heat Exchangers In Stock

Plate Type | Tube-in-Tube | Shell & Tube 

Plate type heat exchanger, manufactured by Paul Mueller, Model AT40SS B-20, all stainless steel construction, approximately 1,000 sq. ft. surface area. Includes (270) plates measuring 16" x54", with Rail length of 8', plate capacity 286 maximum, 3" sanitary clamp in/out.
Tube-in-Tube type heat exchanger, (4) units available, manufactured by Feldmeier, 316 stainless steel construction. Unit consists of sixteen (16) tubes measuring 27' long with 2-1/2" diameter product side and 3" diameter media side for a total surface area of 282 square feet.
Shell and Tube heat exchanger, manufactured by Harris Thermal, approximately 112-square foot total heat transfer surface area. Unit includes twenty (20) tubes measuring 1/2" diameter; shell is approximately 258" long. Rated for 100 PSI MAWP at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Previously used in the production of absorbent materials for the cosmetics industry. 
Shell and Tube heat exchanger, 100 sq. ft., manufactured by Allegheny Bradford. U-tube design, rated for 100 PSI, shell and tubes constructed of stainless steel, 316 stainless steel tube side, set up as 2-pass heat exchanger, shell measures 10" diameter x 9' long. ASME code constructed, shell side is rated for 100 PSI @ 200 deg. F., with 4" diameter inlet/outlet.

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