Hobart HCM-300 Vertical Cutter Mixer
Plus: Dicers, Slicers, Cutters & Grinders In Stock

Hobart VCM Vertical Cutter Mixer, model HCM300. Stainless steel construction, 30 quart capacity. Bowl measures 17" diameter x 10" deep. Unit features clear plastic top cover safety guard, S-shaped dual-blade cutting/mixing ceramic knife, 90 degree tilt dump discharge, and 5 minute timer setting. Driven by 5 HP, 220V, 1140 RPM motor, 3-Phase, 60Hz. Mounted on (4) mild steel legs. Serial number 31-360-447.

Crosscut Dicer, manufactured by Eillert, type BL 1000 VAR, machine number 157. Unit includes rotary feed with stationary cutter. Complete with crosscut knife assembly, currently less circular knife assembly. Includes controls and main drive. Driven by 2 phase, 230V motor. Previously used in food operation.

Urschel Comitrol Dicer, model 2100, all stainless steel contacts. Hopper measures 36" X 44" X 42" deep. Unit has 6" diameter trough (less screw). Includes Cutting Head part number 61757 with 6" spacing. Includes 40 HP, 3,555 RPM motor for high shear blade. Includes start/stop and emergency stop controls. Serial number 130.

Portion Cutter, manufactured by Scanvaegt, type B-55, all stainless steel contacts. Unit is a dual lane cutter with conveyor measuring 10" wide X 127" long. Unit rated for 98 - 99" accuracy with portions greater than 100g. Rated for up to 600 cuts per minute depending on product. Includes 360-degree scanning for recording OV invisible areas. Complete with digital controls. Serial number 12592, new in 2006. Previously used in food operation and in very good condition.

Stainless Steel Bowl Chopper, manufactured by Ya Chia Machinery, 15 gallon capacity. 304 stainless steel construction. Bowl measures 17" diameter x 17" deep. Delumper is driven by 10 HP motor, 220/440 Volts, 1750 RPM and includes a set of (2) knives. Bottom of bowl measures 16-7/8" diameter x 3" wide, top measures 9" diameter x 3" wide. Chopper motor is driven by 1 HP, 220/440 Volts, 3420 RPM and includes a set of (3) knives, 4" diameter x 3-1/2" long.

Dicers, Slicers, Cutters & Grinders Available:

C730147 Dicer, Cutter, Carruthers, Mdl MS13001, S/st,
S740985 Dicer, Eillert, Type BL 1000 VAR, S/st, Stripping-Dicing,
C737795 Dicer, Hallde, Table-top, Mdl RG300, 1 HP,
S742911 Dicer, Promax, Mdl PXD1000, S/st, 1.5 HP,
S742878 Dicer, Reiser, Holac, Mdl HA 125N, S/st, Meat
C736234 Dicer, Slicer, Dixie, Uni-slicer, Mdl SL-450, S/st,
Z261364 Dicer, Urschel, Comitrol, Mdl 3600, 10 HP, S/st,
S742859 Dicer, Urschel, Comitrol, Mdl 2100, 40 HP, S/st,
Z261363 Dicer, Urschel, Comitrol, Mdl Mg, 15 HP, 220/440 Volt
Z261361 Dicer, Urschel, Comitrol, Mdl Mg, 15 HP Belt Drv, Standard
C261360 Dicer, Urschel, Comitrol, Mdl MG, S/st, 30 HP,
S740911 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl 30, Cutter, 3/4 HP, Slicer, 34 Dia.,
S740910 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl 30, Cutter, 3/4 HP, Slicer, 38 Dia.,
C741710 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl G, 2 HP, S/st, Apples, (2) C741710
S734867 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl HX-A, S/st,
S742947 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl M, Strip Cutter, Meat,
C740661 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl OC, Bias Slicer, Accelerator Belt
S739000 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl RA, S/st, 3/8 x 1/4, 5 HP
S742130 Cutter, Bottle, Decapitator, Altman Browning, URS 5000S
C258707 Cutter, Carrot, Garroutte, S/st,
C735967 Cutter, Pineapple, Commercial, Buzz Cutter, Dual Head,
S742846 Cutter, Portion, S/st, Scanvaegt, Type B-55
S742845 Cutter, Portion, S/st, Scanvaegt, Type B-55, S/N 12592
S742848 Cutter, Scoring, 600MM, 24, S/st, Meat Scoring Machine,
S739625 Cutter, Splitter, Universal, SP-2, C/st, Gilson, 2
S742202 Cutter, Trimmer, 24, Vertical, Larson, 3/4 HP, 60 CPM
C736962 Cutter, Vegetable, Hallde, Mdl CC-34, Vertical Cutter-mixer,
C736961 Cutter, Vegetable, Paxton, Mdl Chef 400 MN, S/st,
C739372 Grinder, Meat, Biro, Mdl AFMG-52, S/st, 7.5 HP,
C734818 Grinder, Meat, Blonco, S/st, 4 Dia., 5 HP,
S741090 Grinder, Meat, Butcher Boy, Mdl 200, S/st, 5 Dia.,
S740937 Grinder, Meat, Butcher Boy, Mdl A45250H, C/st, 4 Dia.,
C320028 Grinder, Meat, Butcher Boy, Mdl BB-56, C/st, 6 Dia.,
S320028 Grinder, Meat, Butcher Boy, Mdl BB-56, S/st, 6 Dia.,
S738827 Grinder, Meat, General Slicing, Mdl E, Cast Alum, 1 HP
C731463 Grinder, Meat, Globe, 40 HP, 8, Type X6151
S737276 Grinder, Meat, Hobart, Mdl 4346, 3 CF, C/st, 7.5 HP,
S472300 Grinder, Meat, Mince Master, S/st, 50 HP,