Used Bottle Fillers & Cappers

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(2) KISS Packaging Systems (Accutek) 6-Head Inline Bottle Fillers, model SPDF-06. Each fill head is independently driven with Oberdorfer Gear pump. Pumps driven by 1/2 HP, 1725 RPM, 208-230/460V, 3/60 Hz motor. Currently with (4) filling nozzles, measuring 3/8" diameter. Includes 14" wide X 56" long X 16" deep stainless steel product Basin with twelve (12) bottom openings and one (1) drain. Complete with start/stop switch and digital readout, unit S742562 features EXPO explosion proof control box. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters. Offered with stainless steel bottle track belt conveyor, 4.50" wide X 120" long. Good condition.

(2) KISS Packaging Systems 42" 6-Spindle Cappers, model VACT-06, machine number 5001-007, serial numbers 3010 and 3011. Includes 36" long conveying portion with adjustable width. Complete with controls for gripper and spindle speed. Driven by (2) 1/2 HP, 1750 RPM, 90 Hz motors. Very good condition.

Used Fillers Available:

C741754 Filler, Bottle, 60-Head, Meyer, Rotary, Alcoa Capper, A
C741751 Filler, Bottle, 52-Head, Rotary, PET, Capper, Crown,
C737813 Filler, Bottle, 28 Valve, Rotary, Cemac, S/st, 3/4 Nozzles
S741829 Filler, Bottle, 22-Valve, Rotary, Fogg, S/st,
S741548 Filler, Bottle, 16 Head, Inline, E-Pak, S/St
S739445 Filler, Bottle, 14-head, S/st, Vacuum, Rotary, Horix
C736039 Filler, Bottle, 12-valve, Rotary, Fogg, S/st, 3/4 HP,
C741486 Filler, Bottle, 8 Head, Inline, S/st, Less Heads, Pump
C740214 Filler, Bottle, 8-head, Rotary, S/st, Shibuya Kogyo,
C331976 Filler, Bottle, 8 Valve, Simplex, Inline, S/st, Automatic,
C736038 Filler, Bottle, 6 Valve, Federal, S/st, 1/2 HP
C739591 Filler, Bottle, 6 Head, Inline, C/st,
S742562 Filler, Bottle, 6 Head, Inline, KISS, S/st, XP,
S742560 Filler, Bottle, 6 Head, Inline, KISS, S/st,
A742394 Filler, Bottle, 6-Head, Inline, Meheen, Merlin, Labeler,
C741930 Filler, Bottle, 4-Head, Inline, E-Pak, Semi-Automatic,
S332387 Filler, Bottle, Nu-way, 5 Station, S/st,
Z332395 Filler, Bottle, Pressure, Single Head, S/st,
C734171 Filler, Rotary, Bottle, 72-valve, Krones, S/st, Capper,
C330795 Filler, Rotary, Bottle, 32 Station, S/st, Pocket,
S730130 Filler, Rotary, US Bottlers, 24 Head, Feed Pump

Used Cappers Available:

S739406 Capper, 8 Spindle, AC Vari Speed, 2 Tier
S730132 Capper, Capem, Mdl F, 8 Head,
C741395 Capper, Dillin, Single, Manual, Steam,
S742078 Capper, Eastern, Bottle, Mdl CB104, 60mm, 1/2 hp, Hopper
S736856 Capper, Groninger, Mdl KVG 302, 2-head, Crimper,
S742554 Capper, KISS, Mdl VACT-06, 6-Spindle, S/st, S/N 3011
S742553 Capper, KISS, Mdl VACT-06, 6-Spindle, S/st, S/N 3010
C741903 Capper, Kaps-All, Mdl B, Snap Cap, With Cap Feeder,
C738215 Capper, Lidder, 12-Station, S/st, Anderson, 1/2 HP,
S735051 Capper, Mckenna, Mdl 700, Overcapper, Lidder,
S742145 Capper, Pack West, Centurion 120, Torquer, Sorter
S735058 Capper, Pack West, Mdl Auto200, 8 Quill, Left-to-Right
S742214 Capper, Pack West, Rotary Royal 8, Chuck Capper,
C741910 Capper, Resina, Mdl S-30, 76mm caps, Cap Feeder,
S735289 Capper, Resina, Mdl U30-545, 52MM,
C740301 Capper, Robino & Galandrino, Capsule Applicator, FENIX 9000
A742574 Capper, Unimac, Mdl GG45, Steam, 45 BPM,
S740422 Capper, West Capper, Mdl NPW-57, Crimper, Conveyor
C739581 Capper, West, Mdl RW500F, 12 Head, Feeder

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