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Belt Furnace, manufactured by Infrared Heating Technologies. Includes: Oxidation Furnace, 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature. Allen Bradley PLC with HMI, (8) Type 304 Stainless steel (Strip Support Rails), (12) 4-Zone K-Type TC's Belt Conveyors (four per zone across the furnace width). Electrically heated. Drawings and manuals available. Excellent condition.

C740503 Kiln, 8' X 92', Rotary, Metso, 2400 Deg F, Ported, 2013
C741323 Kiln, Batch, Mellen, 2' X 3', Electric
C740514 Kiln, Box, 24X24X24, ThermalTek, Furnace, 1600 deg F
C740511 Kiln, Box, 3' X 2' X 2', 18 CF, 2350 Deg F, Envelope


A741956 Calciner, 24 x 24', BSP, 330 S/st, 1000 Deg. F, Gas-Fired
S733023 Calciner, 6 X 5', Custom, S/st, Gas-Fired


S741793 Furnace, Belt, S/st, 1400 Deg. F, Infrared Heating Tech,
S740070 Furnace, Belt, 36 x 10', S/st Conv, Nat. Gas, 1/2 hp
C740515 Furnace, Box, 24X24X24, ThermalTek, Box, 1600 Deg F
C740513 Furnace, Box, 3' X 2' X 2', 18 CF, 2350 Deg F, Envelope
A741421 Furnace, Electric Arc, Lectromelt, 2000# Capacity, 750 Kw,
S408485 Furnace, Firebox, 10MM BTU/hr, Gas/oil, Peabody,
C735492 Furnace, Kiln, Thermolyne, Mdl FA1748, 17-1/2l x 9-1/2w
C405505 Furnace, Multiple Hearth, Ram Engr, 25' X 6 Hearth,
S409494 Furnace, Tilting, Melting, Lindberg, Gas, Zinc,
C409501 Furnace, Vertical, Kiln, 1MM BTU/hr, 900 lb/hr, Nat Gas


C741654 Oven, Belt, 44 x 22', S/st, Wolverine Proctor, 2-Zone,
C740081 Oven, Belt, 20 x 18', Heat & Control, Mdl MPO-D-2012, S/st
S736952 Oven, Belt, 18 X 55, S/st, Lincoln Impinger, Mdl. 1133,
C740631 Oven, Despatch, Electric, Mdl LBB2-37-1, 4.8 kW
S730027 Oven, Blue M, Mdl AC-7602HA-1, S/st
S731549 Oven, Electric, 12x12x16, Vac, Lab Siz, Natl APPL,
S733447 Oven, Fisher Scientific, Lab, Mdl 58, 240V, 14.5 X 12,
C740615 Oven, Lab, Quincy, Mdl 10 GC, 12 X 12 X 10, Electric
S735594 Oven, Precision, Incubator, Mdl 29 Thelco, 13 x 17 x 13
S737542 Oven, Precision, Incubator, S/st, Less Trays
S735593 Oven, Precision, Incubator, Thelco, 18 x 18 x 30
S730030 Oven, TM-Vacuum, 12 x 14, Dryer, S/st,
S741285 Oven, VWR, Incubator, 36 x 72 x 24, Mdl 1920,
C738598 Oven, Vac, Precision, 12 x 12 x 19, Mdl Napco 5851


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