Used Metal Detectors and X-Rays
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Sesotec type RAYCON 130/240 X-Ray foreign object detection system. Designed for 130mm (5.1") maximum product width X 260mm (10.2") maximum product height, capable of detecting between 50mm to 240mm high. All stainless steel construction and includes 130mm wide pass through interlinked belt conveyor with integral x-ray system and automatic pusher reject system. Rated for 20 kg. maximum loading, 200mm maximum product length. Designed for detection of foreign bodies (all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, glass, stones, raw bones, rubber,...) in food and other products even where aluminum and aluminum foil packaging is used. System serial number 10020195. X-Ray tube model VJT120, X-Ray power Max 80kV / 100W. Previously used in gummy vitamin operation and in good condition.

Thermo Fisher metal detector, model Apex 500. Aperture measures 10" x 10". Unit includes belt conveyor, plastic interlock belt measures 8" x 8'. Product speed rated for 1.7 ft/min to 3,300 ft/min. Multi-coil design, dual frequency, epoxy-lined aperture with stainless steel case, IP69K washdown. Belt is currently set up for 8" high clearance. Unit is unused.

Safeline Pipeline metal detector, 3" diameter X 22" long, with stainless steel reject system, Tri-clamp S-line fittings, welded tubular construction stainless steel frame. Model PL125, serial number 8834801. Driven by 115 V, single phase, 60 Hz electric motor. Complete with controls. Built in 2015 and in excellent condition.

Safeline Pipeline metal detector, Model Mini 125/SS/HD/15FT, includes 2-1/4" diameter tri-clamp pipe feed and discharge, passes through metal detection box with 4" diameter opening, box measures 5" x 8" x 13" high. Mounted on stainless steel cart with casters. Previously used caramel. Serial number 4986, job number 7212.

Fortress Phantom metal detector, includes 26" wide x 5" high aperture, set up for 4" high clearance, complete with 20" wide rubber belt with guide rails, complete with drive for belt. Previously used on almond packages. Set up for air reject. Serial number L-26605-11876.