Used Mikro 3TH Hammer Mill

Carbon Steel Construction | 30 HP |Very Good Condition

Mikro 3TH grinding mill, hammer mill, carbon steel construction, 14" diameter x 14" wide rotor with approx. 16 rows of 4 swinging stirrup hammers. Hammers driven by 30 hp, 220/440v, 1760rpm, 3-phase, 60hz motor. Includes triple screw feed to milling chamber, (3) 2" screw feeder, Reeves vari-speed feeder motor, 3/4hp, 208-230/460, 1760 rpm, 3-phase, 60hz. Offered with carbon steel feed hopper. Previously milling dried marine animal into powdered supplement.

Hammer Mills In Stock:

S742029 Mill, Hammer, 18 Dia, Jacobson, Air Swept, 30 HP,
S742030 Mill, Hammer, 18 Dia, Jacobson, Air Swept, 50 HP,
S742028 Mill, Hammer, 18 Dia, Jacobson, Air Swept, 50 HP, S742028
S740451 Mill, Hammer, 16 Dia, Schutz O'Neil, Air Swept, 50 HP,
C740601 Mill, Hammer, 10 Dia., Prater, Mdl M-19, C/st, 7.5 HP,
C740206 Mill, Hammer, 9 x 5, Meadows Mills, 10 HP,
S738437 Mill, Hammer, Better Built, 20 x 12, C/st, 20 HP,
S738277 Mill, Hammer, Jacobson, 8TN-11, C/st, 200 HP
A741467 Mill, Hammer, Jacobson, Commander, C/st, Blower, Cyclone,
S740540 Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 42 X 36, Swinging Hammers,
C732538 Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 36 X 36,Type B-3, Slag,
S740537 Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 24 X 8, 40 HP, Swinging Hammers
Z475060 Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 20 X 24, C/st, 2 Roller Type,
S741448 Mill, Hammer, Mikro Pulv, Mdl 1SH, C/st, 5 Hp,
S731495 Mill, Hammer, Montgomery, 24 X 10, C/St, Less Drive,
S738227 Mill, Hammer, Prater, Size 67H5R, C/st, Blue Streak,
Z478325 Mill, Hammer, Queen City, 12 X 18, S/st, Fixed Hammers,
S741962 Mill, Hammer, Roskamp, 18 Dia., 5 HP, C/st,
C741908 Mill, Hammer, Schutz O'Neil, Mdl 422222, Air Swept, 100 HP,
C734512 Mill, Hammer, West Salem, 200 HP, Pallet Recycling,
S740430 Mill, Hog, Williams Crusher, 60 HP, C/st, 6 Hammers
S741960 Mill, Mikro, 3TH, C/st, Screw Fed, 30 HP, Stirrup Hammers,
S741595 Mill, Mikro, 1SH, 1/3 HP, C/st, Hammer, Screw Feed,


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