Used Milling Equipment

  Ball Mills, Hammer Mills, Roller Mills, Vibratory Mills & more

Krupp attrition grinder, model 16409, disc measures approximately 16" diameter, double disc, driven by 5 HP motor thru v-belt assembly, includes manual adjustment on spacing.

Mikro Pulverizer hammer mill, Model 1SH, carbon steel. Unit is approximately 8" diameter x 3-1/3" deep chamber with (6) 3" wide swinging stirrup hammers, single screw feed with hopper. Mill driven by 5 hp, 230/460v, 3500 rpm, XP motor.

Fiedler pebble mill 48" diameter x 60" long (interior dimensions), with running & discharge door, Includes V-belt to pinion & bull gear drive (less motor), Mounted on stand. Outside dimensions - 11' long x 5' wide x 7'6" tall.

Palla Vibratory Ball Mill, manufactured by Humbolt - Wedag, model 20U. Complete with 7.5 HP motor, 1200 RPM, 220V. Mounted on stand. Last used in research test lab. 

Attritor Mills:

C741860 Mill, Attritor, Mdl Q-100, Union Process, S/st, Jkt, 100 HP
C741864 Mill, Attritor, Mdl Q2, S/st, Jkt, 3 HP, Union Process,
C741867 Mill, Attritor, Mdl Q1, S/st, Jkt, 2 HP, Union Process
S734733 Mill, Attritor, Szegvari, Jkt,
S738240 Mill, Attritor, Szegvari, Mdl 01HD, 1/4 HP,
C734666 Mill, Attritor, Union Process, 3/4 HP, Jkt,
C736095 Mill, Attritor, Union Process, Mdl Q-100, Jkt,

Ball Mills:
C740223 Mill, Ball, 22' X 38', Metso, 10,000 KW, Unused (2)
C740413 Mill, Ball, 18 X 24, Ceramic Lined, 5 HP
S738509 Mill, Ball, 13' X 21', Allis Chalmers, 2000 HP, R/L,
C741335 Mill, Ball, 12 X 5, Denver, Lab Type
D741924 Mill, Ball, 9' X 12', Allis Chalmers, Wet Grind, 650 HP (2)
D741926 Mill, Ball, 9'6 X 14', Dominion, 500 HP,
D741025 Mill, Ball, 9' X 26', Polysius, 25 Tons/hr (2)
C740611 Mill, Ball, 7' x 5 1/2', 100 HP, Skid Mounted, Steel Liners
D741927 Mill, Ball, 7' X 18', AC, 350 HP,
A741872 Mill, Ball, 7' X 12', KVS, 200 HP,
D741555 Mill, Ball, 4' X 5', Colorado Iron Works, 25 HP,
D741554 Mill, Ball, 3' X 5', Denver, 20 HP, Right Hand,
S739708 Mill, Ball, 2'3 x 3'2, 3 HP, Porcelain, 90 gal, 13 CF
Z501254 Mill, Ball, Batch, 6' X 5', Jkt, Porcelain,
Z485823 Mill, Ball, Batch, 4' X 5', Fiedler, Porcelain,
Z501500 Mill, Ball, Batch, 4' X 5', Patterson, Porcelain,
S738884 Mill, Ball, Batch, 3' x 32, Paul O Abbe, 7.5 HP, C/st

Colloid Mills:

S741945 Mill, Colloid, Charlotte, Mdl SD2, S/st, 3 HP
S738239 Mill, Colloid, Fryma, Type MZ-80/A, S/st, 3 HP,
S741512 Mill, Colloid, Gifford-Wood, Mdl Micro 81, S/st, Jkt,
C735720 Mill, Colloid, Goulds, Mdl SD2-0, S/st, 25 HP,
C534901 Mill, Colloid, Greerco, Mdl W-500-H, S/st, 10 HP,
S464905 Mill, Colloid, Morehouse, Mdl A-200, 3/4 HP,
S739425 Mill, Colloid, Premier, Mdl 3UB7, S/st
Fitz Mills:

S470685 Mill, Fitz, DASO-6, S/st, 15 HP,
S470680 Mill, Fitz, DASO-6, S/st, 20 HP, Screw Feeder,
S470674 Mill, Fitz, DKS-12, S/st, 10 HP, Chute Feed,
Z470682 Mill, Fitz, F8, S/st, 25 HP,
S470650 Mill, Fitz, F-9, S/st, 30 HP,
C730769 Mill, Fitz, H30, C/st, 250 HP, Horizontal Feed Throat, (2),
S472036 Mill, Fitz, Homoloid, S/st, 2 HP, Mdl JT, Less Face Plate
S470710 Mill, Fitz, KSO-7, S/st, 30 HP, Stairstep Blades,
Hammer Mills:

Z478330 Mill, Hammer, 30 X 12, C/st, Less motor,
S478580 Mill, Hammer, 24 X 10, 25 HP, C/st,
S735102 Mill, Hammer, 18 Dia., C/st, 60 HP
S740451 Mill, Hammer, 16 Dia, Schutz O'Neil, Air Swept, 50 HP,
C740601 Mill, Hammer, 10 Dia., Prater, Mdl M-19, C/st, 7.5 HP,
C740206 Mill, Hammer, 9 x 5, Meadow Mills, 10 HP,
S738437 Mill, Hammer, Better Built, 20 x 12, C/st, 20 HP,
S738277 Mill, Hammer, Jacobson, 8TN-11, C/st, 200 HP
S740540 Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 42 X 36, Swinging Hammers,
C732538 Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 36 X 36,Type B-3, Slag,
S740537 Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 24 X 8, 40 HP, Swinging Hammers
Z475060 Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 20 X 24, C/st, 2 Roller Type,
S741448 Mill, Hammer, Mikro Pulv, Mdl 1SH, C/st, 5 Hp,
S731495 Mill, Hammer, Montgomery, 24 X 10, C/St, Less Drive,
S738227 Mill, Hammer, Prater, Size 67H5R, C/st, Blue Streak,
Z478325 Mill, Hammer, Queen City, 12 X 18, S/st, Fixed Hammers,
C741908 Mill, Hammer, Schutz O'Neil, Mdl 422222, Air Swept, 100 HP,
C734512 Mill, Hammer, West Salem, 200 HP, Pallet Recycling,
Mikro Mills:

S741960 Mill, Mikro, 3TH, C/st, Screw Fed, 40 HP,
S736455 Mill, Mikro, 2TH, C/st, 20 HP,
Z482100 Mill, Mikro, 2GF, C/st, 5 HP,
S482011 Mill, Mikro, 2DH, C/st, No Drive, Less Feed
S741595 Mill, Mikro, 1SH, 1/3 HP, C/st, Hammer, Screw Feed,
C481251 Mill, Mikro, FP-7, C/st, Hosokawa, 600 HP, (2)

Raymond Roller Mills:

C739837 Mill, Roller, Raymond, 5448, Complete System
S741828 Mill, Roller, Raymond, 5057, High Side, 75 HP (3)
S741665 Mill, Roller, Raymond, 5057, High Side, 75 HP (4)


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