Used Minerals Processing Equipment

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( 2) 5' diameter X 6' long ball mills,  manufactured by Patterson Industries, Type D, non-jacketed, with AR400 steel liners. Includes 30 HP, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 230-460 V, 1725 RPM motor. Mill drive is integrally coupled to horizontal parallel shafted helical gear reducer. Continuous type, with product feeding through spiral inlet trunnion and exiting through the discharge end trunnion. Features cylinder manway access door for cleaning. Internal volume measures approximately 839 USG (112 CF). Mill shell is lined with (24) 1/4" thick liner plates, each head lined with (8) 3/8" thick pie-shaped liner plates. Mounted on stand with approximately 66" clearance between the mill cylinder and floor.  Manufactured in 2019, units are still in factory plastic wrap and in new condition.

11.5' diameter X 17' long ball mill,  manufactured by KVS, includes 1000 HP open winding synchronous motor. Features trommel discharge and feed tank. Refurbished in 2013, which included installation of new oil jacking system, oil lube system for Babbitt bearings,  new titanium steel water jet-machined discharge grates, and motor refurbishment. Set of new babbit bearings available. 

13' diameter x 21' long ball mill,  manufactured by Allis Chalmers Svedala,  rubber-lined, with Siemens-Allis 2,000 HP synchronous motor. Includes trommel discharge, ball mill rejects conveyor, lube system, etc. Offered complete with controls. Previously used at phosphate minerals processing facility. Also available pumps, spare parts, drives, controls to comprise of complete mill system.

18' diameter x 10-1/2' long SAG mill,  manufactured by Fuller, rubber-lined, driven by 1500 HP, 4160 volt, 1192 RPM, continuous motor, 5010 frame, thru Moventas gear reducer, Complete with Robicon Perfect Harmony VFD drive & 2-piece gear inching motor. Includes stationary & ball feed chutes, discharge chute, reject chute, retractable feed chute, etc. Offered with discharge belt conveyor, & SAG rejects conveyor, complete with lube system, manufactured by Howard Marten, Model number M8375F, order# M42483, includes oil pumps, cartridge filters, etc. Previously used at phosphate minerals processing plant. Also available McLellan liner handler, 4000 lb. capacity, with hydraulic pump, approx. 25 HP; pumps, spare parts, drives, controls.

Used Minerals Processing Equipment Available:

C742230 Conveyor, Belt, 35 X 42', 304 S/st, Wire Mesh, Incline,
S738503 Crusher, Roll, 78 X 60, 2-Roll, Fam, (2) 350 HP, Primary
S741855 Crusher, Roll, 24 X 30, 2-Roll, Jeffrey, 25 HP (2) 
C742218 Dryer, Belt, Grate, C/st, Buhler, 7' X 32', 2 Zones
C739844 Dryer, Rotary, 4' x 32', C/st, Skid Mounted, Dust Collector
C742231 Dust Collector, Railroad Track Containment System, 60'
S738504 Feeder, Apron, 55 X 45', FAM, Hydraulic, Heavy Duty,
S738502 Feeder, Belt, 80 X 45', C/st, Hydraulic, Grizzly
C742233 Lab, Emission Monitor, Opsis, Mdl AR600 UV DOAS
C742234 Lab, LIBS Mineral Analyzer, MAYA 6060, LDS, Belt
C742232 Lab, Opacity Monitor, Ametek, Mdl 4500 Mark III (2)
S738559 Liner Handler, Mclellan, 4,000 Lb, Hydraulic, Sag Mill,
D742153 Mill, Ball, 13' X 20'5, Allis Mineral Systems, 1,750 HP, (2)
S738509 Mill, Ball, 13' X 21', Allis Chalmers, 2000 HP, R/L,
D742154 Mill, Ball, 12'6 X 16', Dominion, 1,250 HP,
C742220 Mill, Ball, 11.5' X 17', KVS, 1000 HP, Refurbished i
D742248 Mill, Ball, 9.6' X 17', Marcy, 700 HP (2)
S484980 Mill, Ball, 8' X 6', Marcy, 250 HP,
L741301 Mill, Ball, 8 X 50, Vibratory, Palla, Mdl 20U,
C740611 Mill, Ball, 7' x 5 1/2', 100 HP, Skid Mounted, Steel Liners
C742744 Mill, Ball, 5' X 6' Patterson, 30 HP, Steel Lined, Unused
C742743 Mill, Ball, 5' X 6' Patterson, 30 HP, Steel Lined, Unused
S742936 Mill, Ball, 3'9 x 4', Paul O. Abbe, 44 CF, 330 Gallon
S742935 Mill, Ball, 3'9 x 4', Paul O. Abbe, 44 CF, Dry Grind
S742938 Mill, Ball, 3'9 x 4', Paul O. Abbe, Dry Grind, 330 Gallon
S742937 Mill, Ball, 3'9 x 4', Paul O. Abbe, Dry Grind, 44 CF
S739708 Mill, Ball, 2'3 x 3'2, 3 HP, Porcelain, 90 gal, 13 CF
S742943 Mill, Ball, 2' x 2'6, Paul O. Abbe, 8 CF, Dry Grind
S742944 Mill, Ball, 1'9 x 2'4, Paul O. Abbe, 5.6 CF, Dry Grind
S738506 Mill, Sag, 18' X 10-1/2', Fuller, 1500 HP, R/L,
S738522 Mixer, Pin, 50 X 13', C/st, Feeco, Jkt, 100 HP,
C740503 Kiln, 8' X 92', Rotary, Metso, 2400 Deg F, Ported, 2013
C742216 Pelletizer, Drum, Agglomerator, 7' X 16', C/st, Feeco,
S739089 Pump, Vacuum, 400 HP, Nash, Mdl 904P2, 2300/4160 Volt,
C742226 Refrig, Cooling Tower, 1200 Ton, Delta, TM Series, 3 Cell
C742217 Screen, Roller, Classifier, 20 HP, Metso, 2 Sections
S742939 Screen, Sweco, 60, S/st, Double, Dust Cover, Midwestern
S742941 Screen, Sweco, 60, S/st, Double, Midwestern, Cover,
S742940 Screen, Sweco, 60, S/st, Double, Midwestern, Dust Cover
S742942 Screen, Sweco, 60, S/st, Double, Top Cover, Midwestern
S742945 Screen, Sweco, 30, S/st, Single, Dust Cover, Midwestern
S742946 Screen, Sweco, 30, S/st, Single, Midwestern, Dust Cover
C742224 Scrubber, Wet, 9,250 CFM, Ducon, FGD
S738512 Separator, Hydrocyclone, Krebs, 15, DS15LB, Pod of 4, (2)
S738514 Separator, Magnetic, 36 X 96, S/st, Eriez, Drum, (2)
C742221 Tank, 9,300 Gallon, C/st, 10' X 16', FT/FB, Lime Slurry

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