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Loveshaw Case Erector, model CF20, rated for up to six (6) cases per minute depending on case size and corrugated quality. Capable of tape width between 1-1/2" - 3" and 15" roll diameter. Case dimensions: 6" - 16" long, 6" - 12" side, 4" - 12" tall. Previously used in cosmetics operation. Excellent condition.

Used Packaging Equipment In Stock:


S740938 Caser, Erector, Belcor, Mdl 505, Pack Station,
S741349 Caser, Erector, Loveshaw, Mdl CF20, 6 CPM,
C732453 Caser, Erector, Packer, Automation Robotics, Mdl Robopack-2000,
S740912 Caser, Erector, Pearson, Mdl CE 35-G, Glue, 35 CPM, Wine,
C739417 Caser, Former, Erector, Packer, Altair, Mdl OCME Altair 60,
C731527 Caser, Former, Moen, Mdl PF106-EFB,
S736081 Caser, Packer, Delkor, Spot-pak, Mdl SP-LH-FL,
C736254 Caser, Packer, Douglas, Mdl Invex, Horizontal Load,
C732677 Caser, Packer, Hartness, Globalpack 3500, 60 CPM,
C739429 Caser, Packer, Hartness, GlobalPack 3500, 70 CPM,
S740395 Caser, Packer, WePackIt, Mdl 400CP, Top Load
C739430 Caser, Picker, Hartness, GlobalPick 3500, 70 CPM, (2)
S741291 Case Taper, Belcor, Btm, Mdl 151, 30 CPM
S740939 Case Taper, Belcor, Top & Btm, Mdl 252, 25 CPM,
S740174 Case Taper, WePackIt, Mdl 400TT 50, Automatic, S/st,
S740173 Case Taper, WePackIt, Mdl 400TT-72, Automatic, S/st,


S740427 Filler, Bag, S/st, Sugiyasu Corp., Open Mouth, Elec Weigh
S741308 Filler, Bag, Weigh, S/st, Weight-Right,
S741175 Filler, Bag, Weigh, Stoker, Open Mouth, Air Packer
C741486 Filler, Bottle, 8 Head, Inline, S/st, Less Heads, Pump
C740214 Filler, Bottle, 8-head, Rotary, S/st, Shibuya Kogyo,
S741298 Filler, Bottle, 4 Head, S/st, Siphon, 0.5-1 Gallon,
C741267 Filler, Cup, Ampak, S/st, Lidder, Denester,
S740393 Filler, Cup, WA Lane, Mdl 678, S/st, 10-Head, Sealer, (3)
C739922 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Autowrapper, Mdl RC100, Tea Bags,
S740635 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, ElPack, Mdl EL-200, Round Cake,
C741394 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Horizontal, Prodo-Pak, Mdl H-130,


S454850 Labeler, Krones, Autocol, Pressure Sensitive, 110 BPM,
C740300 Labeler, Krones, Universella, Front&Back, Glue, Wine Bottles
C732622 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Label-Aire, Port, Conveyor
S735113 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, New Jersery, Mdl 33YRSP, Vials
S739250 Labeler, Sleeve Applicator, PDC, Mdl 75-EMC, 300 BPM, (2)
S736036 Labeler, So Cal Pkg Equip, S/st, Conveyor


S734890 Sealer, Bag, Band Sealer, Apm, Model VBS-3/8,
S741000 Sealer, Bag, Doboy, Mdl B500, S/st, 1 HP,
C733225 Sealer, Bag, Doboy, Mdl M57APC-3918, S/st, Conveyor
S735362 Sealer, Bander, PDC, Mdl 65-M, Tamper Evident,
S668798 Sealer, Bander, PDC, Mdl 65 E-10, Tamper Evident,
S735361 Sealer, Bander, PDC, Mdl 45-M, Tamper Evident,
C668799 Sealer, Bander, PDC, Mdl FC-400, Tamper Evident, Shrink,
C741449 Sealer, L-Bar, Heat Seal, 14 X 18, Mdl HS-115 T,
C741496 Sealer, L-Bar, Weldotron, Mdl 6020, Semi Auto, 20 x 17
S741386 Sealer, L-bar, Mdl 6401, Weldotron, Semi Auto, 20X17, (3)
S668850 Sealer, Tray, Lidder, Oliver, Mdl 1708, Self-actuating, (2)
C733440 Sealer, Tray, Orics, Mdl 1000-MCTS, Continuous, 300 Tray/min
S735104 Sealer, Tray, Packaging Tech, 4 Dia, Cup, Plastic,
C737049 Sealer, Tray, Pryor, Mdl PPMC-HS/2, 22 Trays, 1 HP
S740567 Sealer, Tray, Vacuum, MPBS, MDL VFDC, 30 Jaws,
C734237 Sealer, Vacuum, Inauen, Mdl VC999/08, 30 X 48, 13 KW
S740898 Sealer, Vacuum, Multivac, Mdl. A300/52, Chamber, 24 wide,


S741263 Wrapper, Pallet, Shrink, Lantech, 120V, 48 x 48
C735655 Wrapper, Doboy, Horiz, Conveyor, 21 Wide Rollers,
C731967 Wrapper, Ilapak, Horiz, 6 x 13, Overwrap, Type Linx,
C739369 Wrapper, Overwrapper, Conflex, Mdl CWM 160, Adjustable,
C733077 Wrapper, Shrink, Doboy, Mdl SW-60W, Sleeve Wrapper,
S734032 Wrapper, Stretch, Bundler, Omega, Mdl DL-18, 2-lane, S/st,

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