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Bottle filling line, includes Accutek 6-Head inline auto pinch filler, timed flow volumetric filler for thin liquids to light oils and creams, previously running 1 ounce to 16-ounce bottles with essential oils. Also includes Accutek inline 6-head spindle capper, induction sealer, wrap around pressure sensitive labeler, inkjet printer, unscrambling table and accumulation table.

Pressure Sensitive Labeler, Labelette (Accutek) Wrap-Around Type, Model 24 APS 106A, includes conveyor measuring 3" wide X 72" long. Complete with HI TECH digital readout with touch screen. Driven by 110V motor. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters. Previously used in pharmaceutical operation and in very good condition.

Reverse Osmosis Filter, manufactured by Ultratec, with (10) membrane housings, measuring 4" diameter X 30" long. Includes FSI Cartridge Filter rated 100 PSI. Complete with Aquafine sterilizer, Grundfos 1-1/2 HP pump, Goulds 5 HP centrifugal pump, 1500 gallon polyethylene holding tank, Pentair water softener tank, digital controls. Mounted on frame with casters.

Capper, 6-Spindle, manufactured by Accutek, Semi-Automatic, Model 22-001-000, Includes 4-1/2" wide X 57" long stainless steel belt conveyor. 34" long capping area. Includes VFD with manual tighten controls. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters. Currently set for 8-ounce trigger spray bottles. Previously used in pharmaceutical operation and in very good condition.

Gel Reactor System, including 500 Liters polyethylene tank and ADMIX high shear mixer / Rotosolver. Tank measures 32" diameter X 42" straight side with flat top and dish bottom leading to 5" center-bottom outlet with sanitary Tri-Clamp fitting. ADMIX Rotosolver agitator driven by 10 HP motor. Complete with Mettler Toledo digital controls and 31" X 33" stainless steel pack off table.

Hypochlorous Acid Reactor System, Nexus Automation, includes 250 Gallon polyethylene Tank and Hydro Instruments chlorine feed system. Reaction vessel measures 42" diameter X 40" straight side with flat top and cone bottom leading to approximately 2-1/2" center bottom outlet, connected to 1 HP centrifugal pump. Complete with digital controls.

Pharma Equipment - Just Arrived:

S743156 Capper, Accutek, Mdl 22-001-000, 6-Spindle,
S743151 Capper, CMI, Mdl NMRV-040, Screw Cap, Conveyor
S743165 Conveyor, Belt, 12 X 68, Hytrol, 1/2 HP
S743164 Filler, Bottle, 6-Head, Inline, Volumetric, Accutek,
L743176 Filling Line, Bottle, Filler, Capper, Labeler, Sealer,
S743160 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Ultratec, 10 Tubes, UV Sterilizer
L743158 Filter, Sterilizer, Aquafine, Mdl SL-1, Ultraviolet
S743147 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Accutek, Mdl 24APS106A
S743157 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Accutek, Mdl 24APS106A,
L743175 Mixer, High Shear, 10 HP, ADMIX Rotosolver, Tank Mounted
S743146 Printer, Inkjet, Domino, Type A200
S743152 Printer, Inkjet, Domino, Type A200, Conveyor
S743145 Printer, Inkjet, Zebra, Thermal Label Printer, Type ZM600,
S743144 Printer, Inkjet, Zebra, Type ZM600, Thermal Label,
S743142 Pump, Centrif., 3 HP, S/st, Alfa Laval, 1.5/2.5
S743170 Reactor, 250 Gallon, PET, Hypochlorous Acid Reactor
S743150 Reactor, 250 Gallon, PET, Hypochlorous, Nexus Automation
S743169 Reactor, 132 Gallon, PET, Admix High Shear Agit,
S743153 Sealer, Induction, Pillar, Cap, Conveyor
S743155 Sealer, Induction, Pillar, Cap, Mdl C2CN9A00
S743154 Sealer, Tube Crimper, Accutek, Mdl 50-ISS-000, Single
S743159 Table, Accumulation, 48 S/st, Mdl 28-042-080
S743143 Table, Accumulation, 40, S/st, 1/4 HP
S743148 Tank, 100 Gallon, PET, 32 x 28, DT/DB
S743149 Tank, 100 Gallon, PET, 32 x 28, DT/DB,