Used Pharmaceutical Equipment 

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Pack West Capper, type Centurion 120. Previously applying caps (28 mm, 33 mm and 38 mm) onto round bottles (40 cc, 60 cc, 100 cc and 180 cc) for major healthcare provider. Unit is also capable of capping square bottles. Includes touch screen controls. Adjustable height/width. Complete with Model 8 Cap Elevator and Cap Sorter.

250 Gallon Reactor, manufactured by Precision Stainless. Agitated, 316L stainless steel internals. Measures 40" diameter X 48" straight side, dished top & bottom. Vessel is polished internally. ASME code constructed, rated for 50 PSI @ 250 degrees Fahrenheit, 15 PSI vacuum design. Complete with Lightnin top entering agitator. 6" diameter welded legs with foot pads and load cells.
Newman Pressure Sensitive Labeler, model NV2. Unit capable of wrap-around, left to right orientation. Set for container diameters between 10 - 150mm, label height between 10 - 150mm, and label width between 200 - 300mm. 2mm minimum clearance from base to bottom of label. 300 mm maximum reel diameter.

Capsule/Tablet bottling line, capable of filling tablets & capsules on wide range of sizes. Includes bottle unscrambler, bottle hopper & elevator, tablet elevator, pill counter with built-in checkweigher, dust collector, capper, cap elevator, labeler, case sealer, and bundler with shrink tunnel. Complete with interconnecting stainless steel belt conveyor.

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