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Della Toffola filter press with sixty (60) polypropylene plates measuring 23" X 23". Model A6D-304-C-TE-BR, type 600 X 600, serial number 343640. Unit has a 48" long chamber with hydraulically operated closing mechanism. 2" diameter feed and discharge. Unit is mounted on stainless steel frame with casters. Complete with controls. New in 2014 and previously used in brewery operation, beer filter end of the line to bright tank. Very good condition.

Belt Presses:

C735818 Press, Belt, Eimco, 16 Wide, S/st, Expressor,
S593750 Press, Belt, Komline-Sanderson, 2 Meter, S/st, Mdl GMD-2-0,
S741509 Press, Belt, Passavant, 2 Meter, S/st, 250 SF, Vac-U-Press

Briquetting Presses:

S740686 Press, Briquetting, Bepex, Mdl 25CS, 16 X 2.5, S/St, 30 HP
S738200 Press, Briquetting, KR Komarek, Mdl B300, 30 HP
C741331 Press, Brick, Erie, 318 Tons, 2000 PSI, Built 2002

Platen Presses:

S741535 Press, Platen, 34 x 34, 5 HP, S/st, Juice, Mdl SS34,
S741534 Press, Platen, 24 X 24, 5 HP, Juice, California, Mdl SS24
S597315 Press, Platen, 18 X 36, Hydraulic, Electric Heat,
S597304 Press, Platen, 10 x 10, 3 HP, Press Only
C740813 Press, Platen, Bench, Hydraulic, Greenerd, Mdl HPF-15,
S738951 Press, Platen, Juice, 36 x 36, S/st, Stollenwerk,
S597229 Press, Platen, Juice, Hydraulic, C/st, 28 x 28,
C597230 Press, Platen, Juice, Mdl Stoll III, S/st,

Screw Presses:

S740507 Press, Screw, COQ, Mdl 143PO6, Horizontal, S/st,
S599070 Press, Screw, Jones, Beloit Mdl P-200, S/st, Pressmaster
S599071 Press, Screw, Jones, Beloit, Mdl P-300, S/st,
S599069 Press, Screw, Jones, Beloit, Mdl P-225, S/st,
S739492 Press, Screw, Jones, Beloit, Mdl P-100, S/st, (3)
S734556 Press, Screw, Jones, P-100, Vertical, S/st, 10 HP,
S732943 Press, Screw, Jones, Vert, P-225, S/st, 20 HP,
C739664 Press, Screw, Pera, 32, S/st, Wine Press,
S738802 Press, Screw, Ponndorf, Mdl 150X402RT, 15 HP, S/st, (5)
S735000 Press, Screw, Stord Bartz, Twin, 16 X 10-1/2', C/st, 40 HP
C740551 Press, Screw, Valley Foundry, 40, S/st, Wine Press, (2)

Plate & Frame Filter Presses: 

S374342 Filter, P&F, 48 X 48, PPL, Shriver,
S740462 Filter, P&F, 39 X 39, S/st, 49 Plates, 623 SF, Pad Filter
C730341 Filter, P&F, 36 x 36, C/st, Womach, Vert, 54 SF, 4.5CF
S736309 Filter, P&F, 36 X 36, PPL, Durco, (16) Plates, Recessed,
S737316 Filter, P&F, 36 X 36, PPL, Valley, 45 P, 46 F, 640 SF,
S738643 Filter, P&F, 33 X 31.5, PPL, 36 Plates, Pump
S739455 Filter, P&F, 32 X 32, PPL, Sperry, 639 SF, 16 CF,
S740656 Filter, P&F, 31.5 X 31.5, PPL, Met-Chem, 8 CF
C738243 Filter, P&F, 24 x 24, S/st, 36 Plates, 264 SF,
S741432 Filter, P&F, 23 X 23, PPL, 60 Plates, Della Toffola,
S740383 Filter, P&F, 18 X 18, PPL, 20 Plates, Star Systems, 8 CF,
S741431 Filter, P&F, 16 X 16, PPL, 60 Plates, Padovan,
S741570 Filter, P&F, 4 X 4, PPL, 5 Plates, 120 CI


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