Rotary Precoat Filters For Sale

Last Used In Winemaking Operation

Rotary precoat filter, vacuum drum type, Velo model number FRP 8, drum measures 5' diameter x 5' face, all stainless steel construction. Includes horizontal take-away belt conveyor for solids at scraper knife assembly. Complete with Travaini (PompeTravaini) type 40-200/F vaccum pump, driven by 7.5 kW motor. Also includes stainless steel precoat tanks. Previously used at winery on lees. In good working condition when removed from service. 
Rotary precoat filter, vacuum drum, Ametek 10' diameter X 20' face, approximately 600 square feet surface area, stainless steel construction. Complete with stainless steel precoat mix tank and (2) 100 HP Nash vacuum pumps. Includes stainless steel drum with drum drive, advancing knife mechanism with s/st cutoff knife, s/st rocker agitator arm, filtrate receiver tank, controls, etc. Precoat mix tank is approximately 7,000 gallon capacity and includes 4-blade paddle agitator. Nash vacuum pumps are driven by 100 HP, 230/460V, 1745 RPM motors.
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