Used Stainless Steel Tanks For Sale
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5,215 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank, measures approximately 102" diameter x 145" straight side. Vertical orientation with cone top and flat bottom, 3" diameter side bottom discharge, 3" bottom side inlet and bottom side manway with clamped cover; includes UV air filter with lights.

175 Gallon Dimple Jacketed and Agitated Stainless Steel Tank, manufactured by JV Northwest. Unit measures 36" diameter X 38" straight side with open top and dish bottom leading to 2" center-bottom outlet. Includes propeller agitator. Good condition.

1,500 Gallon Tank 316 Stailness Tank, manufactured by APV, 6' diameter by 6'6" straight side internal, insulated and complete with cone bottom to 3" center bottom outlet, dished top with assorted top inlets and 18" diameter manway. Designed for wash down and sanitary use.

2,500 Gallon 316L Stainless Tank, holding/rinse tank. Vessel complete with slight cone top, assorted top fittings including 18" diameter manway. Unit measures 7' diameter by 7' straight side, flat bottom with 4 outlets, 4" diameter, each. Mounted on stainless steel legs.

6,500 Gallon Jacketed and Insulated Carbon Steel Tank. Complete with top mounted center agitation with sweep-type paddle agitator assembly, driven by 15 HP, 230/460 volt , 1750 RPM motor, gate type agitator, ratio 120:1, final output 24 RPM; includes 3" center bottom discharge, 3" top inlet and 18" top manhole. Mounted on (6) 6" pipe legs with footpads.

15,000 Gallon Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank, Horizontal, ASME Code for 175 PSI. Type 304 Stainless Steel inner vessel, with mild steel vacuum jacket outer shell. Mounted on saddles, still installed with all gauges and piping. Inner dimensions: 102" diameter x 456" straight side plus dished heads. Empty weight: 47,700 pounds. Manufactured by Chart Inc.