Used Vial Washer For Sale 

Plus: Additional Pharmaceutical Equipment Available

Automatic linear tunnel type vial washer, stainless steel model 100 with 5 washing zone. Unit is 3 HP, maximum speed of 100 vials per minute. Suitable for 2, 3, 3.5, 5, 6, 10, 15, 20, 50 or 100 ml vials.

Pharmaceutical Equipment In Stock:

C740566 Autoclave, 51 x 59 x 99, Fedegari, 316 S/st, 30 PSI
C741898 Autoclave, 61 x 61 x 85, Finn-Aqua, S/st, GMP Sterilizer,
S738862 CIP, Single Tank, 125 Gallon, 316 S/st, IPEC, Complete
C731348 Coating Pan, 20/24, S/st, Vector, Hi-coater, 10 Bar,
C738218 Conveyor, Belt, 7/16 x 16', S/st, Syringe Insp, Gripper,
S742121 Conveyor, Belt, 12 X 68, Hytrol, 1/2 HP,
S742133 Counter, Pill, Kalish, Mdl B12P3PTS, 12-Lane,
S742130 Cutter, Bottle, Decapitator, Altman Browning, URS 5000S
S738888 Evaporator, Falling Film, Clean Steam, Finn-Aqua, 1500-H-1
S742068 Filling Line, Bottle, Capsules, Counter, Labeler, Capper,
S742069 Filling Line, Bottle, Pill Counter, Labeler, Capper, 40 BPM
S742067 Filling Line, Bottle, Tablets, Counter, Labeler, Capper,
S742070 Filling Line, Bottle, Tablets, Labeler, Capper, 40 BPM
C739681 Filler, Syringe, Cozzoli, 10-Fill, Hypak Stoppering,
C738224 Filler, Syringe, Groninger, FSE-3000, S/st, 10ml Capacity
S738879 Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube, 100 SF, 316 S/st, 100 PSI,
C740818 Homogenizer, 316 S/st, 2-Stage, 26 GPM, Micro Fluidizer
S742117 Inserter, Dessicant, Kalish, S/st, Bowl Feeder,
C738118 Kettle, 18 Gallon, 316 S/st, Precision, 15 PSI, Jkt
S742122 Labeler, ID Technology, Mdl ST 1000, 5 X 12, S742122
S742131 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, LSI, Mdl 40-10,
C731350 Mixer, Rotary, Consep, S/st, Column Lift/blender,
S741446 Mixer, V-Type, 100 CF, Patterson Kelley, 316 S/st
S741447 Mixer, V-Type, 50 CF, Patterson Kelley, 304 S/st
S735027 Pump, Vacuum, 20 HP, Elmo Rietschle, G 200, Gas-ring,
S742118 Sealer, Neck Bander, Kalish, S/st, Mdl 5415, Mini Bandit
L741464 Seasoning Drum, 24 x 10', S/st, CMS, Liquid applicator
S742137 Sorter, Bottle, Kaps All, Orientainer, Mdl AU-3
S742129 Sorter, Bottle, Orienter, Kaps All, S/st,
C738163 Sorter, Bottle, Unscrambler, Omega, Mdl 2D-JH, 24 x 12,
S742115 Table, Accumulation 40, S/st, Capmatic
S742116 Table, Accumulation 30, S/st, CE King
S735026 Tank, 3.5 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Alloy, 115 PSI, (2)
S742132 Tunnel, Shrink, Shanklin, 12 x 36, L-Bar Sealer,
C742071 Washer, Vial, Auto, Tunnel, S/st, Linear, Mdl 100
C740207 Washer, Stopper, Huber, Mdl WFS-G 25H, 153 Ltr, S/st
C738458 Washer, Stopper, Huber, Mdl WFS-G 15H, 92 Ltr, S/st


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