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Stack Deionizer,  General Electric E-Cell MK-2E, for chemical-free ultra pure water production, includes (4) stacks rated between 7.5 - 20 GPM per stack, 90% to 95% nominal recovery, 45 to 100 PSI feed pressure. E-Cell stacks utilize electric current to remove ions from reverse osmosis permeate, bringing the water to the high level of purity required in today's applications. No regeneration chemicals are needed, and no hazardous waste stream is produced. Operation is continuous and requires much less space. Purchase used, reconditioned and never put into service. Good condition. Manuals and documentation available by request.

Reverse Osmosis Filters In Stock:

S739232 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, EWT, Mdl DP1500, S/st
C738975 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Ionics, Nanofiltration, 300 GPM,(4)
C738973 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Ionics, Nanofiltration, 185 GPM,(3)
C737185 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, 24 Tubes, 670 SF (2)
S738667 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, US Filter, S/st,
A742371 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, WTE, 100 GPM,

Ultafiltration Filters In Stock:

S734627 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Auto Clean, 3 HP
S400501 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Millipore, 5 HP
S730255 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Millipore, S/st
C738393 Filter, Ultrafiltration, PCI Membranes, S/st, 625 SF,
S734632 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Twin Pumps, 1.5 HP
C741283 Filter, UltraFiltration, Vertical Ceramic, S/st, 16 x 36,

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