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Complete filtration system for handling waste water from beverage processing facilities to remove sugars, acids or other solid materials. Designed to run approximately 30,000 GPD on beverage stream. System is all stainless steel construction. Includes vertical ceramic membrane ultra-filtration system reverse osmosis skid with spiral wound membranes, stainless steel tanks with Watlow heaters, Thermal Care Model NQA10 AccuChiller system, (3) bag filter skids, and associated pumps. Also includes (7) vertical stainless steel tanks with dished top & bottoms, including Surge tank, Rinse tank, Caustic tank, Clarified tank, Gray water tank & Product tank. System was new in 2013 and used for very few hours. Excellent condition. 

Used Water Treatment Equipment In Stock: 

Belt Filters: 

Z386604 Filter, Belt, Vac, 8' X 24', S/st, Eimco, 25 HP,
C737175 Filter, Belt, Vac, 3-1/2' X 30', 316L S/st, Eimco,

Cartridge Filters: 

S371999 Filter, Cartridge, 316 S/st, (2) 6 x 36, Adams,
C740826 Filter, Cartridge, 304 S/st, 42 X 25, Fulflo, (2)
C740825 Filter, Cartridge, 304 S/st, 45 X 21, Fil-Trek, (5)
C740338 Filter, Cartridge, 10 x 42, S/st, Pall, 50 PSI
S740065 Filter, Cartridge, 6' x 21, S/st, Pall, 150 PSI
C740875 Filter, Cartridge, Amiad, Mdl. SAF-6000, Self Cleaning,
C733890 Filter, Cartridge, Central Filter, S/st, 6 Cart,
S740317 Filter, Cartridge, Cuno, S/st, Mdl 22DC3, 125 PSI, 200 gpm
S740318 Filter, Cartridge, FulFlo, S/st, Mdl 264044sf134fk1, 150 PSI
S740084 Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 12 X 41, 150 PSI,
S740078 Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 12 X 37, Optimum Filter, 125 PSI, (2)
S740085 Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 10 X 32, Meeco, 150 PSI,
S740180 Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 8 x 30, Basket filter,
C741281 Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 6 x 36, Dual Skid, Flomax Pump,
C741282 Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 6 x 36, Dual Skid, Fristam Pump,
S740155 Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 6-1/2 x 30, Millipore, (3)
S739963 Filter, Cartridge, S/st, Filterite, Mdl 9104440-000, 150  PSI, (2)

Filter Housing:

S740067 Filter, Housing, Aqua Pure SS12, S/st, 2, 150 PSI (5)
S740068 Filter, Housing, Aqua Pure SS8, S/st, 2, 150 PSI, 1/2 HP

Plate & Frame Filters: 

S374342 Filter, P&F, 48 X 48, PPL, Shriver,
S740462 Filter, P&F, 39 X 39, S/st, 49 Plates, 623 SF, Pad Filter
S736309 Filter, P&F, 36 X 36, PPL, Durco, (16) Plates, Recessed,
S737316 Filter, P&F, 36 X 36, PPL, Valley, 45 P, 46 F, 640 SF,
S738643 Filter, P&F, 33 X 31.5, PPL, 36 Plates, Pump
S739455 Filter, P&F, 32 X 32, PPL, Sperry, 639 SF, 16 CF,
S375610 Filter, P&F, 31.5 X 31.5, PPL, 26 Chamber, Hoesch,
S740656 Filter, P&F, 31.5 X 31.5, PPL, Met-Chem, 8 CF
S732960 Filter, P&F, 30 X 30, PPL, Ontrac, 28 Plates, Recessed,
S741432 Filter, P&F, 23 X 23, PPL, 60 Plates, Della Toffola,
S740383 Filter, P&F, 18 X 18, PPL, 20 Plates, Star Systems, 8 CF,
C735820 Filter, P&F, 18' X 18, PPL, 3 Plates, Shriver

Pressure Leaf Filters: 

S740473 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 120 SF, Jkt, 316L S/st, Schenk, VTHL

R.O. Filters: 

C741385 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, DI Water, UV, Complete System
S739232 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, EWT, Mdl DP1500, S/st
C738975 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Ionics, Nanofiltration, 300 GPM,(4)
C738973 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Ionics, Nanofiltration, 185 GPM, (3)
C741284 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, MSS, S/st, 25-35 GPM, 8 Dia.,
C737185 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, 24 Tubes, 670 SF (2)
S738667 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, US Filter, S/st,

Rotary Filters: 

S740481 Filter, Rotary, Drum, 20 X 15, S/st, PR Aqua
S740319 Filter, Rotary, Sweco, Mdl WWF-304S-12S, S/st, Centrif, (2)
C735249 Filter, Rotary, Vac, 8' X 8', S/st, Precoat, Insul,
C741153 Filter, Rotary, Vac, 6' x 6', C/st, Xinhai,

Sand Filter:

S733678 Filter, Sand, Parkson, 7' X 14', FRP, Dynasand,

Ultrafiltration Filters: 

S734627 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Auto Clean, 3 HP
S400501 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Millipore, 5 HP
S730255 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Millipore, S/st
C738393 Filter, Ultrafiltration, PCI Membranes, S/st, 625 SF,
C740495 Filter, UltraFiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Complete System,
C740215 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Shibuya, S/st, Complete System,
S734632 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Twin Pumps, 1.5 HP
C741283 Filter, UltraFiltration, Vertical Ceramic, S/st, 16 x 36,

White Water Filter: 

S740320 Filter, Sweco, White Water, Mdl WWF12S, S/st, Centrifugal

Belt Presses:

C735818 Press, Belt, Eimco, 16 Wide, S/st, Expressor,
S593750 Press, Belt, Komline-Sanderson, 2 Meter, S/st, Mdl GMD-2-0,
S741509 Press, Belt, Passavant, 2 Meter, S/st, 250 SF, Vac-U-Press
C594000 Press, Belt, Pneumapress, 9 SF, Titanium, Mdl 8T-2 2


S737638 Pump, Moyno, 40 HP, 8, C/st, Progressive Cavity, Roper,
S737637 Pump, Moyno, 10 HP, 8, C/st, Progressive Cavity, Roper, (2)
S737628 Pump, Centrif., 1,000 HP, S/st, Egger, Type E0 11-400, (2)
C737575 Pump, Centrif., 125 HP, C/st, Goulds, Mdl 3196
S737631 Pump, Centrif., 50 HP, Warman, Mdl 6/4AH, 6/4, Srl,


S740382 Tank, 10,000 Gallon, C/st, 14 PSI, Epoxy Lined, DT/DB
S740835 Tank, 5,400 Gallon, S/st, Agit, 92 X 128, FT/CB,
S740834 Tank, 4,400 Gallon, S/st, 99 X 98, FT/CB,
S740386 Tank, 1,500 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Agit, DT/DB, 68 x 100
S740831 Tank, 1,100 Gallon, S/st, 56 X 98, FT/CB,

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