WeighPack Weigh Filler
& Vertek Bagger

Last Used In Cookie Manufacturing Facility

WeighPack PrimoLinear Scale Model V-5 2L/3P weigh filler, single lane linear weigher. Scale rated for up to 20 cycles per minute depending on application. Complete with upgrade to triple pan configuration for increase accuracy per lane, funnel for two lane common, bulk & dribble gates for increased product control, pneumatically operated. Also includes foot pedal for manual operation. Rated for 60 PSI; air consumption of 2 CFM. Includes PLC color touch screen controls. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters. Very good condition.

Vertek Model 750 form, fill & seal machine/bagger, serial number 4217. Rated for up to 50 bags per minute. Maximum bag width of 7.5". Bagger is set up for gas flush (less air regulator), 1/4" round hole punch, tear notcher and hot stamp printer. Includes PLC color touch screen controls. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters. New in 2015. Very good condition.

Available Items From Cookie Manufacturing  Facility:

C742466 Case Taper, Interpack, Top & Btm, Mdl USC 2020-TB
C742433 Chopper, Bowl, Robot Coupe, S/st, Mdl. R 45, 16 X 15 Bowl,
C742467 Conveyor, Belt, 13 X 84, S/st, Incline, Cleats,
C742471 Conveyor, Belt, 12 X 120, S/st, Vari-Speed, 115V,
C742586 Conveyor, Belt, 6 x 11', S/st, Incline, Cleated, Elevator,
C742472 Detector, Metal, 12 X 4, Loma, IQ, Belt Conveyor,
C742459 Dryer, Tray, 26 X 18 Racks, Dehydrator, Excalibur, CM2A,
C742584 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Vertek Bagger, 750, Gas Flush
C742430 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, WeighPack, Vertek, Weigh Filler,
C742585 Filler, Weigh, WeighPack, PrimoLinear, Mdl V-5 2L/3P
S742475 Mixer, Paddle, 40 CF, S/st, Blondheim, Dual Shaft,
C742434 Tank, 20 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Agit, Chocolate Melter, Savage,
C742432 Wrapper, Entrepack, Horizontal, Mdl HT-1162, Flow Wrapper


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